“Apple” philosophy

   One day, Apple wanted to hire a senior financial officer, and the competition was fierce.
   The vice president of the company placed an apple with festering spots, some trademarks with large nails, and a fruit knife in front of each candidate. He asked the candidates to deal with the apple in front of them within ten minutes, that is, to hand in the answers to the exam.
   The vice president explained that Apple represents the company’s image, and there are no special requirements on how to deal with it. Ten minutes later, all candidates handed in their “exam papers.”
   After reading the “examination papers”, the vice president said: “The reason why there is no examination of in-depth professional knowledge is because the professional knowledge can be learned in future practice. Who is more in-depth cannot be judged at this moment. What we pay attention to is, The ability to react and deal with complex things.” The
   vice president picked up the first batch of apples. These apples looked intact, except that the festering area was covered by the affixed trademark. The vice president said that any company has shortcomings and mistakes that are inevitable, just like the spots on Apple, which are covered by trademarks, covering up the mistakes but not correcting them. A small mistake can even cause the whole festering. . This group of applicants did not regard correcting the company’s mistakes as their own responsibility and was eliminated.
   The vice president picked up the second batch of apples. The spots of these apples were cut off with a fruit knife, and the trademarks were randomly pasted everywhere. The vice president said that this approach is correct to gouge the fester. However, the image is destroyed after such a gouging. This type of applicant may think that as long as the mistakes are corrected, everything will be fine. Without considering that image and credibility are the life of the company’s development, these applicants have also been eliminated.
   At this time, there was only one apple left in the vice president’s hand. This apple was red and round, and it was intact! There are no trademarks on it either.
  The vice president asked: “Whose answer sheet is this?” A candidate stood up and said, “It’s mine.” “Where did it come from?”
   The examinee took out the apple and some trademarks that the vice president had just given him from his pocket, and said: “When I came in just now, I noticed that there was a fruit stand in front of the company. And when everyone was concentrating on their hands. I went out and bought a new apple when I was on the rotten apple. Ten minutes is enough for me. When something cannot be saved, I choose to start again.” The
   vice president immediately announced: “You have been hired!”
   It turned out that Apple The answer to the company’s recruitment is: You must stop the bad past before you can start again at any time.