Abundance limits our imagination

   Like me, my friend L loves writing and submitting articles; the living standard is similar, and he has a considerable fixed income every month.
   In our daily life, whoever encounters troubles and sorrows, or who has little luck or new knowledge, will rush to tell each other the first time.
   Just after having breakfast yesterday, he told me a little thing he had just experienced:
   the gas stove he had used for many years broke down. On Saturday morning, he went to a shopping mall to buy a brand-name gas stove. After payment, the merchant told him that the sales season was too tight and he needed to send a master to install it the next morning and leave him the installer M’s mobile phone number. , Let him stay at home tomorrow morning. The next day, he and his wife did not go anywhere, waiting at home for Master M’s arrival: it was past 8 o’clock, no one came; 9 o’clock, no one came; almost 11 o’clock, still no Master M came. L dialed Master M’s cell phone, and the other party replied, “Got afternoon.”
   In the afternoon, it was almost 2 o’clock and no one was coming; it was 3 o’clock and no one was coming; it was 4 o’clock and no one was coming. L was in a hurry and dialed Master M’s cell phone again. The other party apologized and asked to “wait a second”.
   Wait, wait, wait anyway, do it today anyway. Seeing it was five o’clock, Master M still didn’t come. L and his wife, breakfast and lunch, are all fooling around. I wanted to use the newly installed gas stove to boil some porridge, fry two dishes, and enjoy the dinner. Unexpectedly, this idea cannot be fulfilled smoothly. Seeing that it was 5:30, M hadn’t come yet, and L contacted him again. This time, M didn’t even pick up his cell phone. L couldn’t calm down anymore, and felt that M was a bit outrageous. Therefore, L and his wife had no choice but to soak the leftover steamed buns in the water like breakfast and lunch, and they had two plates of pickles and fooled a dinner, and no longer expressed any hope for the matter. At
   7 o’clock in the evening, the night fell, Wanjia lights.
   Just when L and his wife no longer expected Master M to come and install a new stove today, someone knocked on the door. L opened the door. The visitor was about 30 years old, tall and thin. With grease stains on the tooling, a canvas tool bag and a large rectangular carton next to him, L concluded that the installer had arrived. When I asked it was Master M, L was overjoyed. So, quickly helped M pick up things into the house. The other party is very sorry to explain that these days are particularly busy, and today is busier than any other day: two of the users have limited working space in their kitchens. They dismantled the old stove, installed a new stove, and replaced the stove with a new hose. Efforts, unexpectedly disrupted the original plan, greatly delayed the installation progress.
   Fortunately, M is skilled and quick to move. In less than 40 minutes, he unloaded the old stove, installed a new stove, and replaced a hose. Give it a try, it’s good. At this time, it was nearly 8 o’clock. L politely and gratefully asked M: “I don’t know what time you had lunch, and now I’m going home for dinner. You must be hungry. I have frozen dumplings in the refrigerator. You can eat the next bowl before leaving. “As soon as L’s voice fell, M smiled shyly: “I haven’t eaten breakfast yet.”
   Listening to M’s words, although L did not drop his chin in surprise, he felt ashamed of knocking over a five-flavored bottle in his heart. It is often said that “poverty limits our imagination”. Yes: Children who eat steamed buns every day can’t imagine what a banquet with a table of thousands of yuan looks like or taste; the best clothes to wear are people who wear a coat at the market for 100 yuan, how to understand 10 Ten thousand yuan of “high-definition”? Conversely, those living affluent idlers in the middle and upper classes of society also lack sufficient understanding and empathy for people who are busy all day long. The courier brother and other people who work hard on speed and odd numbers, spring comes and spring comes again, the flowers bloom again, the cold winter is scorching, the wind and the rain, often ignore the meal and fatigue, race against time to take more business orders, for Fight for survival. Prosperity limits our imagination. People don’t even care about breakfast, but they just ask them what time to eat for lunch according to common sense and normality.