A little bit of love

  A radio host, an emotional commentator on CCTV’s Half the Sky column, the top “emotional master” on Sina.com, author of the book “Love Dive”, and was hailed as the “Queen of Spicy” by netizens.
  The conditions at my boyfriend’s house are better than mine, and his parents like me very much, but my boyfriend and I have different personalities and often quarrel. Hesitate to marry him? We are colleagues and it is embarrassing to break up…
  You are marrying him, not his parents, let alone his family property. Couples with the same personality cannot guarantee that they will grow old together. People change when they walk. The only thing that does not change is their own value and confidence.
  My boyfriend is in a period of rising career. Because of his busy work, it is very difficult to meet with me. I can’t count on him for anything. Before getting the certificate, I started to worry about the situation after marriage. My natal family has good economic conditions. I work within the system and I don’t want to be a man’s nanny. What should I do? Substitution?
  Since the financial conditions are acceptable, you can hire a nanny after marriage to reduce the burden of housework and childcare. When men are rising, they will definitely pay less to the family, and sugar cane is not as sweet as any other. Don’t rely too much on others at any time, otherwise you will be psychologically imbalanced and suffer from gains and losses.
  He and I are in different places, a few tens of minutes away by car. He wanted to transfer to our city, but my family was unable to help him arrange work, so he blamed me for exaggerating my background when I first met. In fact, it was the matchmaker who misrepresented the information, but we had a week of cold war for this. Can this relationship continue?
  What a guy who eats hard food! Since they are looking for someone who can help them cross classes, let’s not delay them.
  Marrying away for 6 years, everything is fine except for the financial situation. Nowadays, my friends and I have very different financial conditions, and I can’t keep up in chatting.
  Only by working hard and being content in loneliness can we have a new circle and a new life in the future. Gains and frustrations are temporary, no one is always in the sky, and no one is always in the ground.
  When I went to my boyfriend’s house on vacation, his parents seemed to look down on me. Early the next morning, I returned to Shanghai by myself. My boyfriend kept crying on the way to the station and never contacted me. Although I decided to make a clean break with him, I was still hurt. How to resolve this strong hatred?
  Time will help you calm down. His home is not Dragon Palace, nor is he a prince. Don’t imagine that love will make the other person give up for others. You have to respect and love yourself to be admired. Resentment is the most useless.
  I was 7 months pregnant and moved back to my natal family. My husband and my parents didn’t get along well. Yesterday he and my mother quarreled and went home angrily. After he left, my parents told me that sooner or later, this person would go with me separately, and quickly plan the property and the children. Are my parents too sensitive?
  Regardless of mother-in-law or weng-in-law, few like each other. If you are a parent, you should be a vaccination, just take the essence and remove the dross. There is a dividing line between the small family and the natal family, and the relationship between husband and wife and parents should learn to balance.
  My husband’s family is the owner of the shop, and I have two sons, and I am married as the second child. Ten years ago, the boss bought the wedding house with the full amount of the in-laws. Now we buy the house and the in-laws gave the same amount. I think it is unfair. How many times have prices increased in 10 years? How can I express my dissatisfaction?
  It’s boring to care about this. In the past 10 years, your in-laws may not make much money at all. It’s not easy for the in-laws now. The son can still get money to buy a house, but the daughter-in-law is still not satisfied with the money.