8 workplace subconscious minds you should not have

1 always feel that image is not important

  Don’t think that the external image is no longer important if the ability and popularity are good. Whether you think it’s fair or not, in the workplace game, “judge people by their appearance” has always been an unchanging “hidden rule.” If you always come to work in a sloppy manner, and if you speak foul language from time to time, then even if you will not be fired, you are definitely far away from being promoted. No matter how casual you are in life, don’t let your casual image delay your career.
2 I always feel a little bit down on her

  In fact, you are not so competitive, but you just can’t understand her anyway. From dressing styles to speaking and doing things, I think everything she does exudes an aura that makes you hate. Or you did not take this feeling to heart, but it is this almost pathological psychology that makes you lose your original advantage, become a little narrow and prone to jealousy. Therefore, don’t treat those who shouldn’t be competitors as opponents. Blindly making enemies has always been a taboo in the workplace. Don’t let your personal preferences unknowingly delay your future.
3 I always feel that there are some things I don’t understand

  I always want to have a good performance at work, but I don’t like to spend time and energy on learning, so many times it is inevitable that I don’t know how to understand. If you, as a newcomer, feel that it is very unprofessional to keep asking questions from your predecessors, then you can always ask Google or Youdao Dictionary for help. Not knowing how to pretend to understand may not hurt you, but if you are treated with a speculative mentality for a long time, then the work will inadvertently neglect you.
4 always feel that I am not good enough

  In the cruel workplace competition, you are certainly not the best, but don’t keep suggesting that you are not good enough. Always compare your own shortcomings to the advantages of others, it will only make you live in a world of low confidence. Maybe you, who were originally capable, have fallen into a cycle of self-limitation and self-destruction because of a lack of self-confidence. In the end, you can only regret to say goodbye to your promotion and salary increase.
5 I always feel that something is true

  Sincerity is of course a good quality, but the workplace is not for you to complain about your heart. It is absolutely a rule that you must keep in mind when you say misfortunes out of your mouth and talk too much. Even in private situations, try not to discuss company gossip with your colleagues too much, because the complex network of relationships in the office can’t be seen casually with your eyes, and that the speaker is unintentional does not mean that the listener is unintentional. If you can’t keep your mouth shut, then you may not know where your career is “sincere”.
6 always feel that this world is either black or white

  If you always feel that the world should have standard answers like exams, then you are very wrong. You must know that “there are policies at the top and countermeasures at the bottom” is also one of the important principles. This is not to make you break the rules and play tricks as soon as you arrive at the company, but any company may have some flexible practices outside the rules. If you want to adapt to your team faster, you must carefully observe where these so-called “violations” come from, instead of catching it when someone else violates the rules and asking the bottom line.
7 I always feel it’s okay to be late

  The concept of time is very important for a person in the workplace. Maybe a later time will not cause any substantial loss, but unpunctual procrastination will often leave a very bad impression on people around. In the long run, bosses and colleagues will find it difficult to entrust you with important tasks. If you lose performance opportunities, it will be difficult for you to play an important role in the workplace to achieve greater development. So, don’t let the bad idea of ​​”it’s okay later” ruin your promotion plan.
8 always feel that I chose the wrong job

  Humans spend at least 8 hours a day dealing with work, so if you always feel that you have chosen the wrong job, then this kind of thinking will definitely make you even more unhappy. Work can’t always go smoothly. Occasionally complaints are inevitable, but always feel that this job is incompatible with oneself, or always envy other people’s work, will keep oneself in pain. If you plant this subconscious mind that rejects work, no matter what kind of job you get, you will be unable to go long because of the entangled gains and losses.