It would have been better than Imipenem and its intermediates

The church road was full of people like Sundays. The people rushed to the church in their dresses, which was gradually filled up. There was so quiet, no one barely whispered;

The tower bells began to twist, and the church rose to stand the mourning, sending the main altar. Gustav Adolf stood there waiting for his sister.

It would have been better than Gustav Adolf to speak to Elisa’s coffin because he realized that Elisa himself would have spoken this way. And many of Elisa’s friends felt as if the deceased had spoken to them for the last time.

Gustav Adolf returned from the Church along the same road he had just walked with Elisa. Now he went alone. He stopped at the shore of Lake Hirvij√§rvi, watching his sister’s home and remembering his mind, the last thing they had just discussed in this place. And in Alfred’s mind, he laid his hands on the cross and sighed, “Lord, reach your purpose in him.”

This time Gustav Adolf lived in the doctor’s family in order to be closer to the mourning family.

On the day of the funeral, Dr. Hessel sat alone in Elisa’s room. He had eaten dinner in Hirvenhov; the children were left there and he was supposed to leave them. He was unexpectedly called to the sick by the family, and he was overwhelmed by the invincible desire to visit his deserted home. He wanted a moment’s delay in the room where his loved one’s last ideas had been thought and his last struggle fought.

When he looked at the life of the deceased in the light of Elisa’s death, this appeared as well. After all, he had to rely on the power of Elisa’s faith. When Elisha was alive, Alfred had always noticed the shortcomings: and the defects in it, now he saw only the integrity of it, the truth in it. Only now did he really understand Elisa. Oh, why, why was Elisa gone?

He looked around in the room. It seemed that the spirit of Elisha was still shattered in the midst of these objects, which his mercy hands had recently touched. That was Elisa’s Bible. It was quite weary of hard-working. He took it with his hand gently as if it were a relic. When he turned his magazine, a paper strain fell between them. He took it in his hand and read what Elisa had written to him the same day that they had resigned – for a day, as they thought, – but now the difference had become unique. Everlasting too? This is how the doctor asked himself after reading the short letter.

Elisa had not made any concessions. He had demanded everything, demanding it in the name of his Lord.

The doctor’s request in this letter was not annoying, as it would have done before. The integrity of Elisha’s faith and love, it just had separated them in time; could it separate them even in eternity?

“No one comes to the Father, but through me.”

“He who does not believe on the Son should not live to see, but
God’s wrath stays on him. ”
They were unspeakable words from them.

And Dr. Hessel gave them their full power. The darkness, the darkness was everywhere, the sunshine was not visible at all. The former defenses that he had always brought to God for his own cause did not help in this, and could not scatter the darkness around him. He was helplessly condemned, mercilessly pushed away from God’s face. Didn’t help God blame, saying: Why did you make me? Why did you give me free will when you saw that I would abuse it. Why do you demand more than I pay?

The wheel rumbling in the yard, as well as the bright sounds of the children, finally aroused the doubts of the suspect. He had completely dreamed of passing the time, dreaming of promising to get the children from Hirvenhov to pick up.

“Don’t come,” said Gustav Adolf, “we could get home without you.”

“Yeah, I didn’t,” replied Alfred Hessel. Probably hide in these words more than what they expressed. Gustav Adolf watched him want to hear more, but the doctor bowed to kiss the children and told them a good night.

When the children were gone, the yarns stayed in two rooms. Now the other could no longer hide the pain of his heart, and the other was immediately ready to comfort.

“Come see,” said the doctor, “what I just found”!

She handed her a letter to Elisa.

After reading Gustav, Adolf brightened his face, but the doctor was even darker.

“His last greeting will make me convict, it closes me helplessly,” he said bitterly.

“Don’t say so,” said Gustav Adolf. “On the contrary, it calls and invites you to come.”

Now he told Dr. Gustav Adolf what he had just thought.

“You have been created by God”, Gustav Adolf began briskly, “you got the free will to choose the one who first chose you; as through Jesus Christ, therefore go through him unto the Father: if ye know the wrath of God resting upon you, because ye believe not in the Son, return in your former ways, and believe in the Son.

“That’s easier said than done,” Dr. Hessel thought gloomily.

“I know that,” Gustav Adolf replied sympathetically, “but I also know that it is up to you to stay long with those whom the Savior has said,” I wanted, but you didn’t. ”

The Phase left the doctor staring at the night into the darkness. It was so simple, so obvious that he was just told that even his little child might understand and, according to his instruction, turn to the way of salvation. But he, Dr. Hessel! Before he could turn to that path, there should be a great, profound upheaval of the event inside him, transforming him into a new person just as much as his original roots. Had he the courage to surrender to such a revolution? Had the will?

Or was it better for the helper to dribble with the whirlwinds of hell?

At the end of the holidays in Grief, Gustav Adolf traveled to his home. Then the emptiness became very significant. Dr. Hessel suffered utterly; with his whole being he misses Elisa.

In comfort, he had a speech with the children of their mother. He was very happy to challenge him with Sven, who had understood his mother.

Often they asked something about God about their father, Sven and his sister; they inquired about the things of the kingdom of God in a simple but childishly profound way. They no longer had a mother to turn to, so they resorted to the father’s advice in all matters. And the father explained to them what you knew, feeling even more responsible. His father, in turn, sometimes asked the children if they remembered what the mother had said about it or that matter. And the children were so happy when they sometimes remembered what Mother had taught.

The former suspect had been very sensitive to their children and their faith. Rather, he would have a millstone on his neck sinking into the depths of the sea as he raised doubts about the spark in them. And so his response was always in harmony with the faith of the children.

Do you know one and the other of those sacred things, and now this information came to a good need. But when he was socializing with the children of those chosen in the kingdom of heaven, who in their immediate faith rest mainly on the heart of Jesus, he came closer to the powerful Spirit from which life departs. The great truth began to tell him, “Whenever you receive the kingdom of God as a child, he will not enter into it”. Broken and depressed, he no longer criticized God’s holy word, which can only give him hope, but he took him as a child.

In this way, he changed his unnoticed change so that he eventually became the man whom Elisa always believed was coming from him and loved by Elisa.

Even as they grew up, the children saw their serious, grieving father as if they were all good and noble. They always turned to him, in all matters their confidence in him was unlimited. It was natural for them that the father always acted on the noble and clean motives; they would not have dreamed that the father would sometimes have been a different person.

Time passed. It is said to heal all the wounds, but Dr Hessel wouldn’t like to admit it. His wounds never want to go out and I would prefer to be open. She does not want to give up her longing, for she knows, as Elisha once had, that the longing for the Lord, who lived and died, never feels compulsive, but, on the contrary, helps us to lift our hearts and eyes into a great and bright main goal.

Imipenem and its intermediates

Riise’s eyes were dreaming of dreaming. He forgot anything to answer, but by Elisa, he honored his hat and went across the garden to go to another direction.

Sven Riise loved loneliness and often searched for quiet moments. And he did not think much about his worries, hardships, and disappointments, even though he had more reason to do so than many others.

He had been orphaned early and thus, at a very young age, got alone to fight for life. Apparently, he had no other property than a small sum of money and poor health, but a deeper hiding power for others. He had the intention of becoming a doctor, and he thought that a small inherited capital was sufficient for the entire study period, when he was hardworking and frugal. But these good help shook him until his health for a few years was heavy, even though the job was delivered with great success. He became ill with the disease. The illness turned long and lasted longer. When he was finally considered to be healthy enough to continue with the figures, the funds were almost gone. He tried to read, but noticed that his position was inadequate for studying, especially when the figures demanded a great hurry. The doctor thought that, in order to heal him, he should spend a few years in a healthy forest region, practicing a moderately easy task, which would be fun for him. That was the reason why he had been seeking a home teacher in Hirvenhov.

Here, he so carefully concealed all the pain that the life-course he left behind gave him that he almost forgot it.

In his temporary work, he followed the exact conscience, though he noticed no one demanded of him.

At first sight, he was attached to his students. These were pleasant and natural children, maybe just because they had almost grown up to be bullied. Elisa was the only one who could even keep a little eye on them, but she had so much more to do, and the time she could own her siblings was so full that no thorough education on her side could come into question. The education of Silla’s aunt was limited to telling them to be quiet and stay away from her nerves. Slightly, they heard what a prodigal child he had ever been and how the world had gone bustling lately. Major hesitated his children; When they did not bother him, allow him to be in their own possession. He himself was never used to the actual work, and so did not demand it. Yes, the children would have been able to laze for the days if they wanted to.

So he wasn’t a harsh master either. Did each duty fulfill or not what he did! After noticing it, many would have been disgusted. Sven Riinen would have had a good opportunity now to take care of her own figures at the expense of children’s education without being noticed or blamed by anyone. But he won the temptations because he did his work before God’s eyes.

Imipenem and its intermediates

Aunt Silla always assured the celebration of the previous days that she wouldn’t be able to be in the group, but when the evening evening came, she appeared there as a beautiful and beautiful reflection of her former beauty on her face. He tried to show off the best of his suffering, but he never managed to conceal his fun. If someone happened to praise him for a healthy look, his form immediately changed so that he said, “No one knows how sick I am, only I know it myself.”

The first time Sven Riise saw Elisa moving in social life and would hardly have known her. In her simple, sensual dress, she seemed even more sublime. He was kind and polite to everyone, but it seemed inaccessible. Riise didn’t know herself whether she liked this change or not. To the point, he noticed that this companion was unable to give enough value to Elisa’s good help, but, on the other hand, felt the dignity of Elisa’s behavior towards him two more expensive now that he noticed that Elisa did not offer anyone.

Irene strolled around knowing she was a charming red-haired empire with her hair overwhelmed by her shoulders. He had already completely forgotten to take care of Sir Reginald’s fate with the cannibals and enjoyed his aunt well when he was munching and squatting.

By contrast, Torvald was quite unfortunate. He was still at the age when the feeling of being serious and serious was tough. The great consolation was, of course, getting the sweets to their liking, and Torvald was not satisfied, especially when nobody tried to stop him from gagging.

Elisa invented excellent features in Sven Rice. He would not have been able to describe the Master’s degree in social life other than clumsy and uncomfortable, Sven Riinen when it was so quiet and shy. But he wasn’t clumsy at all. On the contrary, he had a good ability to make people speak, because he understood to take part in their hobbies. And always in his own speech was dull. She looked so refreshed and as such was very beautiful. The eyes shone and the brighter red rose on the cheeks. This was so strange about Elisa that she started thinking whether she was drinking. But he had never noticed the master leaving the upper floor of the maid’s room where the punch was served. That’s where the gentlemen disappeared from that, and returned back to what was less of a redhead.

The master’s cheek red was just like the rest of it, so to speak, there was something soulful.

The stars were still twinkling in the sky, but the night began to dawn, predicting the dawn of dawn that would soon begin, when the last carriages finally left Hirvenhov and the candles were turned off there.

Imipenem and its intermediates

The better of Majuro, the bigger circle of Kuta he was gathered around. Kristian was very happy with that good-looking young man, and he was still in favor of Silla’s aunt. Elisa, who had noticed her good influence on her students, was happy to stay with her. He was glad about himself, because he was well with Riise. Occasionally, they had a conversation without interference, and Elisa felt as if she had learned to look deeper into life at these moments. In his eyes, the man whom he had first disregarded was gaining ever greater value.

One December, we meet Elisa at home in a large bright room with windows facing south. Elisa looks out, waiting for the sun to soon break down the clouds. Probably the eye of the day would soon be visible, as Gustav Adolf was expected home. Gustav Adolf was the brother that Elisa loved most and was born on the day of life. That’s why he always lived a day.

For a long time, Gustav Adolf was not at home because the comrades were in the race to own him. Last spring, he had stayed for a week in Hirvenhov, showing his newly-caught student lips. But he didn’t stay there for a long time, and the happy world attracted him. At that time, Elisa had some small letters, when she sighed the fresh sea breezes, when describing the summer dreams of a young, dreamy human heart. From Marstrand he had just left for Uppsala to begin his first study period. Not a lot of studies were taught to him and the school life offered so much new and amusing. The letters in which he never concealed anything were worrying about Elisa, but in the end he was comforted in thinking that Gustav Adolf’s young man would have to sow his time. As long as he kept the truth and sincerely told everything about it, there was no reason to fear.

However, Elisa was concerned about the last letter of Gustav Adolf, in which he announced his result. The language was not so clear-cut as in the previous ones, among other things there was a phrase that Elisa never understood: – – – “I have a new experience, great and rich, who will create a new life of the adversary. this time my heart is so full that I can’t write more. ”

“What he really thinks,” Elisha thought to himself at the window, turning the flower pots so that the leaves would get freer. “Does anyone have a better right to own his trust and love?” Elisa would demand a lot from her young unknown girl. Who could be good enough for his noble, happy brother!

Gustav Adolf! He had not received the name of the heroine, he had a lot of heroism, and once he was a great and prosperous man. That would tell Elisa to that unknown. But what if he didn’t understand him? Elisa’s heart was haunted and she felt somewhat disgusted when she thought of a young girl created by her imagination, which might even exist in reality.

But in the same day, a kilo of clouds crashed and glittered the young snow. And the outside of the forest began to be a streamer of passages. Good before!