Facebook “changing face” with the concept of fire yuan universe

  The meta universe is a huge concept and model. It is still in the preliminary exploration stage. The concept is relatively shallow, the corresponding product is still under development, and there are large uncertainties in related matters.
  Recently, Facebook has changed its face. Facebook changed its name to Meta, which once again detonated the concept of meta universe.
  At present, the global academic and business circles have not yet reached a final conclusion on the concept of “metauniverse”. The generally accepted concept is “metauniverse builds an open, multi-player online, real-time virtual and on-site community”, it needs to have ” With features such as immersion, openness, economic system, and civilization, blockchain, VR/AR, 5G/6G may become its underlying technical support.
  The open source securities research report believes that the concept of the meta-universe is grand, and the economic system and decentralization mechanism in its construction elements may face regulatory uncertainty, but its “massive multiplayer online, immersive, virtual and reality interaction” characteristics or drive The rapid development and integration of open world games, VR, AR and other fields has also become the field of commercialization or faster landing in the next three years.
  Meta previously claimed that it will take 10-15 years for the concept of meta-universe to bear fruit.
  Secondary market speculation hot
  It is understood that “meta-universe” (Metaverse) originated 29 years ago, science fiction, “Avalanche”, the future of human life in the novel described as the digital world, people communicate with each other in the virtual world.
  At present, the specific concept of “meta universe” is still relatively vague, but according to the imagination of most people in the industry, it is a long-lasting and vivid digital world interconnected by multiple universes, capable of breaking the boundaries between virtual and reality.
  In the secondary market, stimulated by the news of Facebook’s name change, the concept of meta universe broke out again on the last trading day in October and the first trading day in November. Among them, Zhongqingbao has successively harvested two 20% daily limit, and its stock price hit a new high in the past four years.
  At the same time, World Show also won three consecutive boards, with a three-day increase of more than 30%. Kunlun Wanwei, Digital Video, Tom Cat, etc. have followed the rise.
  After the market on November 1, Zhongqingbao issued another share price announcement. Zhongqingbao stated that the company is currently developing a meta-universe-related game “Brewmaster”. According to the company’s response to the exchange’s follow-up letter, “Brewmaster” is a fully realistic social business product based on the concept of Metaverse. Virtual winemaking in the parallel world, while extracting physical spirits offline, to achieve “dream linkage”.
  The company said that Metaverse is a huge concept and model, which is still in the preliminary stage of exploration. The concept is relatively shallow, the corresponding product is still under development, and there are large uncertainties in related matters. Regarding stock price changes, the company denies the existence of the concept of rubbing and manipulation of stock prices.
  In fact, it is not only Zhongqingbao. Recently, many Metaverse concept stock companies have announced their exploration and preliminary layout in this field. For example, Caesars Culture stated on the interactive platform that the game background environment code-named “Animal Planet” is completely designed in accordance with the meta-universe model, with three dimensions of time, environment, and ecology, and NFT technology has also been introduced.
  Tom Cat has established a special studio for the meta universe, and conducts conceptual development and project approval for specific categories of products. It tries to develop the meta universe from multiple scenarios such as AI somatosensory games, VR games, and brain-computer interaction digital therapy. And explore.
  In addition, other game manufacturers such as Baotong Technology and Century Huatong are also exploring the meta universe by developing VR games.
  However, not everyone is optimistic about the concept of meta universe. On October 30, Luo Yonghao, the founder of Hammer Technology, replied to netizens on Weibo, “I don’t believe that Metaverse will become the future (games are just games)”.
  Some experts said that at present, the “meta universe” is still in the stage of concept speculation, and investors need to distinguish carefully. Going back to the fundamentals, we must first solve the problem of application scenarios, and then the problem of profit model.
  27 stocks in 25 profitable
  Although the concept is not just a recent meta-universe, but the 2021 is undoubtedly the hottest concept of the universe yuan a year, A-share market the concept of meta-universe plates also will be ups and downs.
  According to the data of Eastern Fortune Choice, in the first three quarters, 25 of the 27 A-share stocks of Meta universe realized profitability, but the degree of performance growth was polarized. Among them, Zhongqingbao’s net profit attributable to its parent in the first three quarters increased by 7.3 times year-on-year, ranking first; Gongda Diansheng, Hengxin Dongfang, and Digital Video increased more than doubled year-on-year, and Goertek, Leyard, and Caesars Culture increased year-on-year. Over 60%. However, there are still 12 stocks whose net profit attributable to the parent in the first three quarters showed negative growth year-on-year.
  In terms of sector breakdown, among the 15 stocks whose net profit attributable to their parent increased year-on-year in the first three quarters, except for Hengxin Dongfang, which belongs to the communications service industry, and Fengyuzhu, which belongs to the architectural decoration industry, the remaining stocks mostly belong to the electronics, software development and gaming sectors. . Among them, the electronic sector has the most outstanding performance, showing positive growth overall.
  Essence Securities Research reported that the hardware portal that provides meta-universe experience, namely VR/AR/MR/brain-computer interface, directly determines the scale of users. Guosen Securities stated that VR/AR, as the entry-level terminal of Metaverse, has broad development prospects, and Goertek will obviously benefit as an industry leader.
  It is understood that Goertek has long-term deployment of VR/AR business, and currently has a market share of close to 80% in the field of high-end VR/AR equipment foundry. Customers include Facebook, Sony, etc. The company’s third quarterly report shows that in the first three quarters, it achieved 52.79 billion yuan in revenue, a year-on-year increase of 52%, and its parent net profit was 3.33 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 65.3%. , An increase of 49% to 59% year-on-year. The company has received much market attention recently, and has received more than 400 institutions to get together for research.
  ”The growth of major manufacturers in the VR industry this year is very significant, and the future growth of the industry is also worth looking forward to.” The intelligent hardware business is leading the company’s growth.
  Looking to the future, Jiang Long believes that VR is not just a game, but will expand into a large ecosystem including social, entertainment, UGC, productivity and other application scenarios. VR/AR has the hope to develop into a smart phone in the future. Similar computing platform.
  VR is an important entrance to the meta universe
  2021 is the first year of Meta Universe, but Meta Universe is still in the initial stage of industry development. Whether it is the underlying technology or application scenarios, there is still a big gap compared with the mature form in the future.
  Market analysts believe that the concept of meta universe itself was hyped by Wall Street, and whether it is short-lived depends on whether the capital side is looking for a new concept.
  At present, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s determination to Metaverse is firm. In July of this year, Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will transform into a meta-universe company within five years, and then announced that it will set up a $50 million “XR Project and Research Fund” to study meta-universe related technologies. Just recently, Zuckerberg made another big move, announcing that Facebook was renamed Meta, and said that Metaverse will be the next chapter of the Internet.
  Facebook previously claimed that it will take 10-15 years for the concept of meta-universe to bear fruit. Similarly, Liao Xuhua believes that Metaverse is an overly advanced concept that will not be reflected in actual performance for at least three years.
  However, Liao Xuhua said that Metaverse also has a pragmatic route. He is optimistic about VR games, digital twins and XR+ industrial/public services. These specific applications have great development value and market prospects.
  VR technology is indispensable to realize the key elements of the meta-universe such as virtual world and immersion. Therefore, it is considered by the industry to be an important entrance to the meta-universe, and it is once again on the top of the list.
  According to the data from Tianyan Check, since 2021, my country has added more than 3,300 VR-related companies, an average of more than 12 new companies every day. According to statistics from IDC and other institutions, the global virtual reality market will be about 90 billion yuan in 2020, of which the VR market will be 62 billion yuan and the AR market will be 28 billion yuan. %, of which the growth rate of VR is about 45%, and the growth rate of AR is about 66%. In 2024, the share of both will be 240 billion yuan.
  The Tianfeng Securities Research Report pointed out that Meta’s VR device shipments will reach 9 million in 2021, and it is expected that Meta Universe users will reach 1 billion within 10 years. The Wi-Fi supply chain will significantly benefit from this trend.
  With the meta-universe express, the VR industry is expected to usher in a new round of development opportunities. However, under this grand and ethereal concept, the prospects for development are still unknown.