Beat your “financial anxiety”

Three misunderstandings about financial anxiety

  Facing financial anxiety and defeating it, you must first know “who it is”. The following three misunderstandings are the most common ones. Only by removing them can we treat financial anxiety correctly.
  1. Financial anxiety is “negative energy”.
  Because financial anxiety leads to stress and panic, you feel that financial anxiety is “negative energy” that affects emotions? In fact, it is not necessarily. Both psychiatrists and financial experts believe that financial anxiety is not necessarily a bad thing. Anxiety is a useful emotion. A certain degree of anxiety just makes you aware of the existence of the problem and urges you to face it, solve it and even change it. The same is true for personal or family financial anxiety, which can urge you to seriously reflect on your financial situation and actively look for ways to improve.
  2. Financial anxiety is lack of money
  to make more money can solve the anxiety? It’s easy to get into a dead end if you think about it this way, as people often say: “If you have money, you want to have more money. There is never enough!” You have a lot of money, but you can’t keep up with the speed of spending money. Even more serious. Financial anxiety actually comes from the gap between financial ability and consumer demand. The hidden worry about future consumption ability is the cause of long-term anxiety. Therefore, doing a good job of financial planning in life and making life “controllable” and “secure” is easier to fill the anxiety gap than simply making money.
  3. Financial anxiety is a kind of “illness”
  that is troubled by finances. I feel that this is no longer a financial problem, but a mental illness? For most people, it’s not enough. Financial anxiety, like most anxiety reactions, is a common psychological emotion caused by a certain reason. To measure whether financial anxiety is a disease, there is a simple way to distinguish it: It depends on whether you have sufficient and appropriate ways to cope with your own financial anxiety, and also depends on the duration and impact of anxiety. If you can’t get out of it for a long time and re-enter life actively, you need to consider whether you really have an “anxiety disorder”.
  Source self-test anxiety: Looking let you sleep in financial hardship
  confront the factors that cause you anxiety, and actively looking for ways to cope, to get rid of financial worries. The following are the most common sources of anxiety for women, self-check which ones you have-
  Debt mortgages, car loans…When faced with major decisions to build a happy life, you are full of courage when signing the loan agreement, but the monthly repayment bills that come with it are really breathless.
  Expect to earn a family and have children, and you are busy with housework. Unknowingly, you find yourself losing your “earning power” a little bit while gaining happiness. I can’t work overtime due to family care, or even because my children frequently take time off…not to mention sprinting to a higher level in career, it’s good to keep your current position and income, and you may even need to actively or passively adjust to “free time” “Posts, income expectations are dim.
  Children’s education expenses: early education classes, English classes, extracurricular classes, interest classes, school district housing… You want to cultivate an outstanding child, but find that the cost of training is so high! “Do your best to provide a good education to your child, and you can’t waste his talent.” Just for this simple wish, mothers feel that they don’t have enough money to save.
  The pension has a monthly salary of more than 10,000 today, and only two to three thousand pensions can be received in the future. Thinking of this fact, how can one hold back anxiety? Is it true that today’s living standards will be forced to be discounted and lowered? How much do I need to save for the elderly?
  Medical colleagues spent more than 20,000 yuan before and after laparoscopic surgery for gallstones, and neighbours and aunts paid more than 100,000 yuan to install heart stents… The whole family needs protection, but the medical expenditure budget is too large to predict.
Fight a tough battle

  By digging out the source of your anxiety, you can officially start the fight against financial anxiety!
  A face anxiety subtraction
  subtraction 1: extend the repayment period
  found that, on loan this thing children, women are more active than men brave. Most women choose the shortest repayment time limit, set the monthly repayment amount to the maximum, and even always worry about repayment in advance, so that the economic pressure is huge and they are forced to live frugally. If the pressure of repayment is unbearable, it is better to extend the repayment period to reduce the burden of repayment in the current period and distribute the pressure more evenly in the years to come. You will feel a lot easier and you can even invest more money.
  Subtraction 2: the desire to reduce the consumption
  of financial anxiety stems from the income can not meet consumer demand. But income cannot increase indefinitely, so review the irrationality of the consumption budget. Don’t think that by reducing expenditures, you will lead a bad life. Bhutan, which ranks 135th in per capita GDP, has the highest happiness in the world. It is obvious that casual consumption is not the only way to be happy. Stay within your means and adjust your expenditure structure. Although it costs less, it can be a lot easier.
  B-side security additions
  additions 1: increase in non-labor income
  salary prospects bright when, does not mean loss of revenue from this. Entering the period of a new housewife with a family and a baby, it is time to increase non-labor income to ensure life needs. The so-called non-labor income mainly refers to investment income and operating income. Using the family’s existing wealth to invest in a shop to collect rent, try stocks and futures, etc. are all ways to expand new income.
  The Internet age has given us more choices. If you have a skill, you might as well try to do a small business. Selling baby’s hand-made hairpins and personalized baked cakes on Taobao…maybe not profitable, but finding that you have other ways to make money will increase your sense of security and reduce anxiety.
  Addition 2: Insurance adds protection
  There are indeed too many uncertainties about the expected expenditures on education, medical care, and pensions, and it is difficult to achieve everything from the accumulation of savings. Insurance is an important means to help us transfer risks and provide security. Regardless of your current financial level, buying insurance to increase protection and reduce insecurity is a necessary homework that every family should seriously consider. When buying insurance for a sense of security, you should focus on the hedging function of insurance and focus on the protection clauses. Attracted by the seemingly attractive “dividends”, blindly buying “investment insurance”, only to find that the investment is not fully guaranteed, but the gains outweigh the losses.