Your profession makes love more hilarious?

  In an online survey, 60% of professional women are repulsive to love. What about “sexual decompression”? According to analysis, career stability and increasing family affairs have shifted the focus of women’s lives. The things that once loved to do seem to be no longer fresh. In addition, irregular overtime work and unhealthy online office habits reduce hormone levels, and increasing pressure also inhibits the expression of emotions. If you continue to take the medicine to combat the pain caused by the body, it will increase the burden on the body and nerves, making Ai Ai uninterested.
  Each industry has its own characteristics. Refer to your own professional rules, reflect on your physical and emotional conditions, and then discover the new breaking point of Ai Ai, you are the “professional player” who will enjoy Ai Ai the most!
Legal related industries

  Rigid surface, inside the fiery
  passion of desire ★★★ ★★★★★
  an Australian dating site “sex survey” survey of 1.7 million people, after statistics showed that people who work in the legal profession, the most enthusiastic of the House of Love. According to relevant analysis, it is very likely that the legal work seems to be rigid and oppressive, but the social life is extensive, the income is good, and the life pressure is low. Under a serious appearance, there is actually a throbbing heart.
  Enthusiasm escalation: The panic and excitement caused by the outside world will give people the same pleasure as sexual behavior. Women engaged in legal work can do more exciting adventure sports such as skiing and bungee jumping with their partners to get a different life. Experience, love, love will also be new.
Intermediary brokerage industry

  And more dealing with people is not the same
  passionate desire ★★★★ ★★★★
  able to cope in this industry, and ultimately, superior interpersonal skills relative to white-collar office sitting, brokers work have access to a broader space, work and Not boring and oppressive, and active in thinking, reflected in love, will display different creativity.
  Passion upgrade: Gossip with your lover, but the strength of this industry, share a secret with your lover in private moments (as long as no commercial secrets are involved), this can bring mutual emotions closer and create an intimate atmosphere.
Communication IT industry

  Good health, can really
  passionate desire ★★★★ ★★
  In contrast, the industry with technology-related aspects of some concern in the House of Love, the investigation related sites showed that 44% of the communications industry, IT staff is not It’s a blessing, and health is one of the main reasons. The work environment is closed, the amount of exercise is not enough, the daily schedule is too stylized, and the lack of exciting and exciting surprises results in a lack of passion in this type of industry, especially in health.
  Enthusiasm upgrade: “Sedentary without sex”, in addition to having to sit, try not to be lazy. Perhaps, a short trip once a week and a long trip once a quarter will refresh you both physically and mentally, not only mentally, but also a healthy foundation for love.
Media PR industry

  It’s fresh to say “high”
  passion every day ★★★★★Desire★★
  Media public relations is a profession with a relatively high proportion of women, and the professional characteristics are also colorful. Although there is a certain pressure, many people take it for pleasure, not only daily Work is very creative, and spare time is relatively rich and colorful. Such passion is of course very high, but the actual situation is that the freshness brought by career is a lot, but it offsets a lot of passion in life, and the demand for love is higher, and it is often satisfied. Not high.
  Passion escalation: Get to know your partner more from another angle. For example, you can find that a man is handsome from the way he cooks, and you can find brilliance from his meticulous and rational thinking. Know your partner more and more. The emotional drama is enough, the passion drama Naturally indispensable.
Financial insurance industry

  Despite a sense of modesty and more high-end gold plus very happy
  passionate desire ★★★★ ★★★
  financial satisfaction House of Love can communicate with the IT industry, “comparable to” high-profile, high-grade, high figure, which makes three high People who have stayed in this industry for a long time do not express their feelings and feelings easily, and sometimes even make their partners confused and feel a little cold. Although I still long for love in my heart, being so reserved can easily hurt myself.
  Passion escalation: Emotional playback, tell your partner the mood and atmosphere of your first date and the first time you kissed each other, so that you, who were some little women at that time, will come back again, and you will surely get a lot of unexpected happiness and memories . You can also spray on the same perfume and look at him with innocent eyes again, and he will also be moved. In short, now that you who are proud and proud are not your true self, show your true emotions, love and love will be completely new.