Selling stories to improve leadership

In many companies, many leaders are too serious in management. Perhaps in the eyes of traditional leaders, management is a sacred thing. If it cannot be taken seriously, what is the authority of the leader? However, in modern enterprise management, solving problems through administrative orders is no longer a highly respected method: the changes of the times determine the full personality of employees. If the management of such a group of people is achieved only through various orders, it will only make People have feelings of disgust, disgust and even resistance. Solving problems through storytelling is different.

To give a simple example, in modern society, job changes are common, especially for professional managers, it is not easy to enter a new company and integrate into it. Allowing subordinates to quickly accept an airborne leader has become a workplace lesson that professional managers have to face.

A certain professional manager faces such a situation. On the first day of employment, the boss held an all-staff meeting to introduce the new general manager and look forward to seeing his performance. The so-called “three fires when a new official is appointed.”

If you were him, what would you do? Tell me a calm personal introduction, or use other methods to get closer?

The manager is very smart. He decided to tell the story of a donkey. At first glance, the employees burst into laughter. They couldn’t think of the connection between a donkey and the general manager. But the manager ignored it and went on.

A donkey that fell into a dry well didn’t know how to get out, and its owner came to a conclusion after going around the well a few times that it was only feasible to bury the donkey. This donkey is so old that it is not worth saving.

When the donkey saw the people surrounding the well, it calmed down, thinking that he was going to be saved, but when the dirt kept falling on his back, panic struck and it began to yell. The people didn’t stop, so the donkey had to shake off the dirt from his body desperately and stomped them under his feet. As the soil continued to rise, the donkey easily walked out of the dry well.

There was silence, and the employees were waiting for the general manager to reveal the answer: what kind of connection is there between such a donkey and the general manager.

“Now I say that I am the donkey, do you still think it’s funny?”

After a moment of silence, there was thunderous applause below.

After the applause ceased, the manager began to show his point: Facing all kinds of difficulties and setbacks in life, we should step on them like donkeys to create new brilliance.

Before he knew it, the distance between him and the new team had quietly narrowed.

Modern business emphasizes teamwork, which also makes us play multiple roles in business activities. Many times, we are both leaders and subordinates, and we are both persuading and being persuaded. Therefore, more and more middle-level leaders like to use storytelling to achieve the effect of admonishing big leaders, or use circuitous methods. Express what you mean. People who often read history books should understand that famous ministers in history are masters of storytelling. Whenever the emperor asks his counselors about questions, telling stories is the way for the emperor to realize the answer. It belongs to most clever courtiers. select.

People who are middle and high-level leaders in a company must learn to tell stories to their bosses.

The outbreak of the financial crisis caused Jack’s company to fall into a financial crisis. As the year-end is approaching, the chairman is restless about the year-end bonus: If the year-end bonus cannot be given to employees as promised before, it may cause people’s hearts to fluctuate and affect the normal operation of the company; if it is issued according to the previous promise, the existing The funds are not enough to support such a huge amount. How to do? The chairman is in a dilemma.

As the chief financial officer, Jack was the first to ask for advice.

Jack thought for a while, and decided to tell the chairman his story when he was studying: in college, cleaning the playground was a job no one wanted to do, because the leaves fell too much, but compared to this, feed the fierce one at the door The dog is obviously more at risk. When we persuade others to sweep the playground, we will say to him: “Hey, Peter, how about you feeding the dog at the door?” “Oh, God.” The person being asked will definitely refuse, so at this time, he will be sent. People who go to clean the playground usually accept the task very happily. In the context of a worse event, relatively bad things become much easier to accept.

The chairman of the board suddenly opened up and said wonderfully.

Since then, rumors about the company being affected by the economic crisis and facing bankruptcy and having to lay off employees began to circulate. The employees were anxious and looked around for the latest news. Within a few days, the chairman convened a meeting of all employees to announce that the rumors were not true, and the year-end bonus was still issued, but each employee’s year-end bonus was halved.

The employees were immediately excited and moved, and the crisis of the year-end bonus shrinking was solved, and everyone was very happy.