Befriend everything

Clumps of wild chrysanthemums bloom on the hillside in winter, and the colors of the mountains seen along the road are dressed in winter clothes. There is the sound of birds, but not densely. It has a floral fragrance, but it is not ostentatious. This is probably Dong’s original intention, to have a good relationship with all things and keep silent.

Picking a handful of wild chrysanthemums and inserting them into a clay pot, the desk has the freshness of mountains and wilds. Beauty is actually very simple. There is no need to publicize it in a big way, it is in every corner of life, and we only need to see it.

The world we see makes up our lives. Ordinary life, you see its state of mind determines its appearance. The winter mountains are gestating infinite spring. Xin Qiji said: “I see how charming the green hills are, and Liu Qingshan sees me as I should.”

The red leaves are thick, the persimmons are attractive, and the sweet potatoes on the hillside crawl out of the soil. Chinese cabbage becomes more delicious after Lidong. The sister-in-law who makes scallion pancakes is busy in front of the red hearth. Walking in the mountains and small towns, everything reveals a primitive atmosphere.

Road signs have been erected along the intricate streets of the city. The road of living for decades is not the name we often say. Suddenly, he smiled at the sky. It feels like life is very interesting.

There is often a kind of spirit that embraces everything, and always feel that everything in the world belongs to me. I think of a friend who said many years ago: “Whatever you see is what you have.” So, what we can possess is limited, but what we can possess is boundless inside.

A person who can see everything has a rich heart. What you see is to have. When we put the beauty that we see into our hearts, then we have what Zeng Guofan said: “It means to feed a spring.”

The beauty is refined in time, making every day fun. Everything in the world has its interest, we just need to get close and discover. See others’ strengths when dealing with others. When dealing with things, look more at the characteristics of this thing.

Everything has its own spirituality. Wandering in the mountains, the rocks are rugged, with a peculiar beauty. Walking in the four seasons, the four seasons change, with a dynamic beauty. Dealing with all kinds of people has an interpretation of life.

Everything can be interesting. A bunch of wild chrysanthemums bloomed on the side of the road, we turned a blind eye, thinking that there was only withering and withering in winter. There are many beautiful things in life. We don’t discover them, we always think that life is boring and tedious.

To find happiness in everything, every life is worthy of our love.

My colleague showed me the video she took while walking, and befriended everything. In her lens, sometimes it is a basket of vegetables, sometimes it is the Cangshan Mountains, cattle and sheep grazing leisurely on the grass, children playing, and elderly people sitting in the sun doing needlework.

If we can find beauty in everything, we will no longer feel lonely. “Will it be unsafe for a person to walk alone?” “For so many years, all I have met are good people.” Human nature is good, and it depends on how we treat the world.

A pile of grass grew out of the cracks in the stone, and a few chickens in the courtyard climbed up on the branches and crowed. Spring and summer, autumn and winter, each has its own beauty. The sun, the moon and the stars, the sea and the streams, each have their own characteristics. Treat people you meet with sincerity. Get along well with small plants. Gently petting small animals, full of love, everything on earth is worth it.

Life is not just these subtle and trivial, but also music, poetry, words and dreams.

I plant my dreams in every ordinary one, water it with my heart, and one day I will find that it really blooms beautiful flowers.

I sprinkle the notes on the most ordinary days, and there will be singing in the days. I write my feelings between the lines, and my heart produces fragrance. I embraced the brilliance of the sun and the moon, and my world became radiant.

Streams and rivers sing moving ballads in the sun and the moon. Flowers and trees, talk about love in time. A white wild bird was standing on the lake, and I said to it: “There is a beautiful woman on the water side.”

The wild chrysanthemums on the table are smiling at me.

Days flow slowly, everything is there.