Ampoule, is it trustworthy?

  With the change of people’s skin care consumption concept and the upgrading of skin care product research and development technology, “ampoules” with a medical beauty background have come to the fore. Its selling points are safe, high-end, pure and efficient, and it has been sought after by countless people who love beauty. What is an ampoule? What are the differences compared with ordinary skin care products? What’s the use?
  The exact name of the ampoule is ampoule. Ampoule is a kind of glass container, which is often used to contain drugs and chemicals. It adopts sterile packaging to prevent the contents from contact with air and avoid pollution. It is more common in medical supplies such as injections. When in use, the bottleneck of the ampoule must be broken off artificially, and the liquid must be sucked out from it. Because ampoules are difficult to translate and convolute, in the skin care industry, ampoules containing skin care products are also called ampoules.
  Ampoules have the characteristics of sterile and vacuum packaging, which effectively avoids the oxidation of certain “fragile” ingredients in skin care products. The skin care products in the ampoules are mostly concentrated essences. Compared with conventional skin care products, they are compact, portable, clean and hygienic, and have high concentration of active ingredients. From this perspective, ampoules are indeed worthy of being “planted.”
  Nowadays, the ampoule market is booming, and consumers should “keep their eyes open” to distinguish the authenticity. Only by choosing regular products and using them properly can they exert their due effects.
1Choose the product that suits you

  Consumers must first understand their skin type, clarify what kind of effects they hope to obtain with ampoules, and then choose products that suit them. The “main” ampoules with blackhead and acne-removing functions are mostly fruit acid, salicylic acid, A-alcohol and other ingredients with exfoliating functions, so you must do a good job of sun protection during use. Vitamin C products are often combined with other skin care products to inhibit the formation of melanin, achieve the purpose of reducing spots, and prevent skin photoaging. Peptide and oligopeptide ampoules can promote collagen proliferation and reduce fine lines. It is suitable for people who need to delay aging.
  It is worth noting that the concentration of ampoules is not as high as possible. When you first use the ampoule, you should start with a small amount and gradually increase the dosage after getting used to it. If skin problems occur after use, please consult a dermatologist in time.
2Read the instructions carefully

  The concentration of the essence in the ampoule is higher, which is different from ordinary essence. The specific frequency of use varies depending on the function of the product. Consumers must read the product description before using it and use it according to the regulations. For example, makeup ampoules are often used in emergencies, usually at most once a week; firming ampoules are used on average once every 2 to 3 months; moisturizing ampoules and anti-aging ampoules are used on average about 4 times a week. If you do not follow the instructions and use it frequently, the light ones will not be absorbed, and the severe ones will “come to your door” one after another.
3Control the dosage and opening time

  The ampoules are packaged aseptically. Once opened, they should be used up as soon as possible, otherwise it will reduce the activity of the skin care ingredients and affect the use effect. The opened ampoule should be sealed and put in the refrigerator for refrigeration and used up within 1 day as far as possible.
4 pay attention to the use of safety

  Currently, ampoules on the market are generally made of glass. When opening the bottle, the glass is easy to remain in the mouth of the bottle or even fall into the bottle. Therefore, be careful when using ampoules to avoid danger.