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The sun fell like a fireball down behind the peaks of the mountains and its last rays wrapped up in the snow-crushed Montblanc purple. Located north of Lake Genève, on the top of a hill, was the Colombier Castle. It was a very simple building, crumpled with quadrangular stones, strong masonry and small windows, like castles usually in the early Middle Ages. On the hillside, closer to the beach, there were country house dwellings, above which the castle rose as a guard.

In one of the castle’s large rooms, there was a small adorable looking girl standing near the window, barely six years old, looking awkwardly at the glorious view of the lake, the “white mountain”, which radiated and sparked even more gloriously until the brightness gradually turned into brownish luster. From the dark, soulful eyes of the child that glory seemed to be reflected. Her fine, light-brown curls had a rosy breath and a thoughtful look, one that she rarely meets with her children. As usual, the girl was dressed in a simple white linen cloth. Only his gold edge showed him to be a high-ranking man.

A long slender woman approached her. At first glance, she immediately realized that she had a mother and a daughter. The same gentle, pleasant features, the same thoughtful look, the same simple costume. Only the eyes and hair were lighter with the mother.

“Look, mother of gold, how wonderful! Now it has a red gold crown like kings, but much more lovely than a dad’s crown! Now it’s pale – and now it’s all gone!” he added with regret.

“So, sun gold has now fallen into the mountains,” she explained. “Its rays make our snowdrops glow, but now they are gone. Come on, Burkhard, put off the parchment leaves, it’s too dark to read.”

The boy rose obediently from the floor, where he had read a thick book in his half-lying position.

“Mother mother, when I come up great, I want to become a bishop,” she said, as she stepped in front of her mother with eyes glowing.

“Why do you want to become a bishop?” asked the mother, gently stroking the curious head of her eight-year-old son.

“To read a lot of books and everything people have written about them. And the Romance language I want to learn thoroughly, – I know a little bit about it already – and I also want to learn the language of the Greeks, like the Bishop of Lausanne, Bruno. and Otfried Weissenburg! ” [Rabanus Maurus, abbot of Fulda, then the Archbishop of Mainz, after 886 Kr.

“My son,” said the mother, “the bishop may not be the most important thing to become famous;

“Yeah, mom, but after all, it’s wonderful to be learned and famous!”

“Yes, as long as you use your doctrine – if it comes to you – for the benefit of God and your neighbor. But such a whispering that does not bless anyone, is worthless, even if you get a lot of glory. Remember it, my son. I will not blame you for your efforts, but above all, willing to become a servant of Jesus Christ. ”

The little girl had listened carefully to her mother’s words.

“Mom gold, tell me once more about the Bishop of Lausanne,” he asked.

“Six years have passed since that time. Konrad was four years old, you were Burkhard for two years, and little Adelheid wasn’t yet born. I escaped with both my sons and my entire house in the Neuchâtel castle tower, which was on a steep cliff by Lake Neuchâtel, where we were safe. a venerable old man whom his subordinates generally loved and blessed. ”

“Did he learn?” asked Burkhard.

“No, he wasn’t what the world means by the doctrine, but he had divine wisdom. When the enemies approached, the inhabitants of the city and the surrounding area rushed to him and gathered like children around his father, hoping to get help and salvation from him. glowed with mercy. ”“ Stay here, ”she said,“ I want to go against the enemies. but if it is not his will, let him be the sacrifice of my spirit for your sake.

The tears and prayers of his relatives could not prevent him; on the contrary, he became increasingly bold, and his joyful determination shone his eyes.

– You know! – he exclaimed, – those nations have never heard the good news of the Savior, which I have revealed to you. They do not know what they are doing when they are tempting and distressing you. I want to go talk to them. –

They didn’t let him go alone, but some of the city’s elders went with his bishop. Others hid in caves, mountain caverns and forests.

In the province of Vaud, they coincided with the Gentiles. The bishop went against them. His venerable creature, his gentleness and kindness seemed to have a momentary impact on those raw pagans. – Take me to your leader! – said the bishop. – Here I am – shouted one who looked very brutal, – what do you want, a Christian dog? –

– Grace to the city, I miss! Be grateful to the insecure elderly, the weak women, and the children who live there! Cold winter is the point to come, let them be at peace! God of Christians bless you if you give them love! –

– What does the God of Christ refer to me? – He snapped. – Too long I’ve been listening to your voice, a Christian dog. Go, otherwise I will not pity your old age. – Lord, – was the answer. – My spirit is not worthy. I do not pray for myself, but only for my flock for unsafe sheep. Take my life, but save them! –

– Houcio would be if I settled for such slanders, – It’s probably the way of Christians. The corvine has become a rumor that your God Himself has given Himself a ransom for you. Let’s see what benefits you have, thunderstorms! – Then the bishop’s face shone like an angel, and he exclaimed, “The God whom you mock is your Savior, he has given himself a ransom for you, he has loved you.” Oh, don’t resist him! Stop fighting against him and his people! Stop your evil deeds and turn to him! –

– So, you dare to use that kind of language? Still for me! Me! – shouted the pagan chief with disgust. – Cut him to death! – The spies of the Gentiles pierced his heart, and he fell into the ground with a blissful smile on his lips, saying: – Jesus Christ my Lord! – And so he went to a new life. [Boss, Bishop of Lausanne, died of 951 burning faiths and susceptibility.]

So far the mother had told her. Tears in the eyes looked at Adelheid in her.

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“Mom, did he go to the golden heaven immediately?”

“I went, my children, as well as Stefan, who is told in the book.”

“He was God’s servant,” Burkhard remarked thoughtfully. Her mother’s story was also impressed. – “Boso died for his people, but also for his Savior, isn’t it, Mother?”

“Yes, my children. But he had also lived with his Savior and served him. If you too, Burkhardini, would become a humble servant of the Lord.”

“And I,” Adelheid asked, “Why can I come?”

“The Lord’s servant, the helper and the poor. My child, get used to these aids early. Only that gives life value.”

“As you, mother, gold! Everything will be very happy when you come to their home and when you praise their fine spun yarn and read to them about the great book and when you comfort them – oh, mom, all I want to learn! But silent , there comes Konrad.

A handsome, brisk, light-skinned boy with sparkling blue eyes stepped in now. She was the oldest of the children, her father’s image and her mother’s pride. He had been riding outdoors with an old Kuno, a stationary officer, under which he had learned to use the spring and arrow. She greeted her mother respectfully, kissing her hand, and her little sister embraced her heartily. For little Adelheid, this knightly brother was infinitely dear. Always Konrad brought her home when she came home. Now he had a well-knitted bucket full of delicious strawberries.

“Look at, my little sister, this is for you! I bought it a few pence kultakutriselta girl.”

“Oh, how beautiful! I’ve never seen this before! Has he done it himself? Where is the girl and where did she come from?”

“Too many questions at the same time, I whispered, to answer them immediately,” said Konrad laughing. “Annappas when you bring it: Did he braid it? It is possible, because the old Jewish man to whom the girl belonged was not braid it. Then, who is he? nor do I know where he is from. I became a pity girl, she looked mad and miserable and unhappy too. ”

“Oh, Konrad, why didn’t you bring her here!”

“Child, I’m not fit to bring home all the beggars, especially if they are with such an old dirty Jew.”

“Where did you meet the girl, Konrad?” asked mother.

“Beyond that, behind the beech forest. He sat down against the tree, closed his eyes, and looked rather dead than alive. As I approached, he got up hard and stood up and offered his basket, looking at me praying. “God bless the young Lord,” he said, “for what he does for my daughter.” But his voice was raw and his eyes were sharp and disgusting.

Mom had listened carefully to her.

“That poor girl is apparently sick. Many Jews orbiting the earth, and repair themselves, what are the nations to murder and plunder left behind. Many Christian children in secret, they have brought with them, I have heard people talking about it.”

“Is a gold-tipped girl a Christian child?” asked Adelheid eagerly.

“I don’t know yet, but it is possible how much trouble and trouble is in the world!” said mother sad.

Adelheid created a serious look at her mother.

“Mom, are we looking for that girl?”

“We can hardly find him, my children. The old man has been looking for a shelter from the forest for the night. We’re not going to do anything now. . ”

The delightful face of Adelheid flashed with a joyful glow; and when she was lying in her small bed soon after that, and her mother kneeled down, she prayed for the child’s pious heart for her mother, brothers and her father who was far from war, but especially for the sick golden-freak girl.

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The silence prevailed in the castle and its surroundings, only the mother sat awake for a long time, spinning with her cousins ​​and her daughters. While working, the women were eagerly listening to the stories they told them about the book of books in a pleasant way for their noblemen.

The darkness of the tenth century, in a gentle light, rises above the eyes of the Queen of Berthan, Queen of Burgundy. He was named a pious spinner. Even today, his remembrance is blessed in the country where he reigned almost a millennium ago with the throne of wisdom and love – Vaud, the current Roman Schweits, the shores of Lake Genève in Solothurn, the Neuchâtel, and up to the Reuss stream. In Schwaben, then the Duchy of Allemania, Bertha spent her childhood and youth days, her brave father, the Duke of Burkhard and his mother, under the influence of Regulinda. Bertha got very good education and a rare civilization. The Duchy of Allemania, which enclosed the surrounding areas of Lake Constance, the northern Schweits and the land up to the present Elssi, was at that time more than any other country in Europe as a furnace of knowledge and civilization. That’s why it thanked St. Gallen’s famous monastery, which also shone in the small court of the Duke of Schwaben. Young Duchess Bertha learned Latin, and she read her Latin every day diligently. It is no wonder, therefore, that he was far more advanced than the women of that time in knowing divine truth, in simple faith, and in judgment. He was very young when he married Rudolf II, the king of Upper Burgundy, and moved away from his parents’ home. The difference between father and mother seemed difficult for him. But he took with him an expensive treasure, his Latin baton, which gave him courage and comfort in the dark days. His fate was not easy. The country that now came to his country was the Hungarians and the Saracens destroyed. He faced poverty, ignorance, brutality everywhere. Nowadays, the wonderful beaches of Lake Genève were looking like a wilderness, which is why it was called Wüstensex – “Wilderness Lake” in German. Rudolf was mostly out of war to fight against Lombardians and other frontier neighbors, so the home government was entirely in the care of the queen.

Bertha carried out her difficult task with courage and enthusiasm. Ever since his youth, he had the goal of becoming a servant of Jesus Christ. So he took his calling from the hand of the Lord and received strength every day from his word and prayer. And soon there were traces of his blessing activities everywhere. Destroyed countries became fertile. Good roads were born in the city. The royal farms became more productive year by year and were a model for the people. Especially Bertha tried to get female youth into diligence and order and taught them to spin. Those who have lived in the fear of hitherto, who have lived so far, finally finally breathed, feeling more prosperous and happier in the wise government of their respected and loved queen than ever before.

* * * * *

The early morning morning of our story was early in the king’s mansion, where nobody was queen in queen Bertha’s court, and she was a great example for others. “Pray and work!” – This was his motto, and no one followed it more closely than he did. The ruler’s eyes were everywhere, in the yard and in the basement, in the garden and in the garden.

His service to his people knew it and was eager to do his job, because as hard as he could hear the blame or a serious reminder, it was fun to get a thank-you from the dear queen.

He was now standing in the yard ready to stand on his white horse, because he also wanted to go to his rural descendants to get advice and help.

He had a royal posture which necessarily required respect. Respectfully stood by the chambermaster Dietrich next to the queen, ready to lift him on the horse’s back.

“Mom gold, can I get involved?” shouting child’s voice. “I have read two whole hours, and Reginhard father says that I have been diligent, so that the job is now the morning is enough. Brunhilde will soon be saddled, and the forest is very wonderful!”

The last words were among the obsessed, and the mother was soon ready to admit what the girl wanted.

“The boy Wernher is allowed to follow and guide our horses,” said Bertha.

Gladly, Adelheid clapped his hands. Camarader Irmengard made her ready for riding, and then she was lifted on the back of a small brown horse. With a joyful monster, it greeted the young lady in her arms. They were good friends, hepo and girl, for Brunhilda was well-educated and knew how to act as a royal princess.

“Now, Irmengard, give me my shit,” said the queen. The coward gave it to her. Wernheri grabbed the white horse, but when he wanted to hold a brown horse, he denied it.

“No, Wernheri, Brunhilda and I understand each other well. Mom gold, can I?”

“Earlier you want to test your independence,” said the mother with a smile.
“So be it.”
Then, as usual, Bertha spun diligently, Adelheid freely giving a happy face to the wind coming from the lake.

Their riding goal was this time a remote farm owned by the king. The road passed through the ruins and meadows. There worked hard people here; As the queen rode past, they stopped working for a moment, respectfully, and the queen and the baby were kindly welcomed.

“Mom, where is a gold-necked girl?” asked Adelheid suddenly.

“He may have gone forward, my children. Those Jews who are traveling will never stay in place for a long time. The girl will ruin!

“The Jews are bad people,” said the child seriously. “They have crucified the Savior Jesus Christ.”

“Yes, they were evil who rejected and crucified their Savior, but not all the Jews were. Remember that the Savior’s disciples were Jews, and they have just brought us knowledge of the Savior. who serve him with all his heart. ”

“Look, Mom, that far off the road,” Adelheid bought a feminine creature with his fingers, sitting in his nails along the road and seeing the arrivals slowly rose to stand. “But he’s not a gold medalist.” Anxiety flicked in the child’s voice.

This girl looked strong. The black tangled hair covered the head and the shape was not pleasant because the face, hands and feet were covered with dirt. Boldly he stepped up to the white horse.

“Queen, good queen, give help to the poor!” he asked with a coarse voice.

The queen looked at that unpleasant creature.

“Where do you live?”

“There!” The girl bought a bad clay shack at the forest.

“Your water seems to be scarce. Is it dry?” said the Queen severely.

“Yes it runs, good queen,” she replied with a sad voice. “I washed myself last month, but there is no help, dirt always comes back.”

“What work do you do?”

“The mother is sick at home,” she replied, avoiding.

“Then you should do two more work for yourself and for your mother. Is it a miracle that so many people get sick and die before they crumble in dirt and dirt?” said the queen whispering, “None of them were in Schwaben.” Then she turned to the girl saying, “Wash yourself and your clothes clean when you leave, and clean your home, where your mother is lying sick, so I will come to see you.”

He rode forward, still spinning, but seriously thinking about the pent-up space of the people and the ways to improve it. “Most of them don’t want to help themselves, and even less they themselves want to get up from their decay,” he thought to himself, “but illuminate you, Heavenly Father!”

dizziness remedies,dizziness symptom of high blood pressure

On the royal farm, hard-working hands were in place, and the general joy was everywhere due to the arrival of the guests. The housekeeper, a neat, brisk peasant woman with a dazzling white Apron, rushed to the gate to greet the arrivals.

“Welcome, Queen! Welcome, little Miss! Blessed be the day your horses enter this gate! Peter, my husband, will come there.”

Peter, a great strong landman, stepped up. His whole face shone with satisfaction as he helped the queen down from the horse’s back and then raised the saddle to a girl who was light as a feather.

Kindly, the queen handed her hand to both of them, while Adelheid was still sitting for a moment with her strong arm, familiarly whispering to him, “Peter, what are the big pigeons doing? that I could feed the birds. Do you think they eat my hand? ”

“Yes, why don’t they do it?” said a friendly man and gently lowered the girl to the ground, “But now, first of all, our guests have to get some refreshment. Trudel, do you think you care about it?”

They stood in front of the main building of a long-painted peasant house whose walls were covered with vines. The yard was tidy. On both sides of it were spacious stables and barns. Two pretty, neatly dressed servants came from there, and they greeted the queen, who told the parent to tell them how the cattle and poultry were doing. Bertha uttered many words of thanksgiving and exhortation to them, for they were hardworking and loyal, and the queen’s satisfaction brought them great joy. Peter was proud and pleased with his garden reforms, which were very successful. He had planted vegetable roots, sowed cucumbers and melons, even planted chestnut and fig trees. He had received seeds and chickpeas from the monastery garden, and all of them seemed to be very successful and growing. At that time, the monastery gardens were best cultivated; most of the other regions were still in a wilderness-like state. The indolence and carelessness of the people of the country seemed almost helpless, since the hymns that they called the Hungarians were always invading the earth, destroying it. Bertha and her brother-in-law got to fight this rooted inactivity. But they didn’t get tired. “There will be even better times”, the queen kindly comforted when Peter complained that her efforts did nothing to help, “the repentance will come, albeit gradually. People will learn to rejoice in the blessing of the work. such cultivation here as well as in Schwaben. Maybe we too can see it, Peter, but patience is needed! ”

When the queen talked, Adelheid fed the pigeons and rejoiced that they were amused. “Look, Mom, that white pigeon, who has the brown wings and the crown at the end! Its name is Immo. It flies on my shoulder and picks up sticks from my mouth! This white gentle, with my hand, is that other spouse. ”

Wernher stood next to him, happy as well as the girl. Then Trudel’s round, friendly face fell out of the door; he asked guests for breakfast. Excellent tasting, after a long ride, freshly baked wheat bread, greasy, strong cheese and sweet edible milk.

“Now we have to ride forward along the forest road and then home again,” said the Queen. The child was reluctantly divorced from this pleasant place, but of course she did not agree with the mother. Soon, then, they sat back on their horses and left, after leaving their farewell farewell, toward the forest. Bertha spun like before. While sitting on the horse’s back, he worked hard, thus showing an example that made many shame.

The goat prune was in the pasture with a green chestnut, where the smell of almond herbs grew. On the rocks, the shepherd sat cheerfully and spun out hard. The riders came out of the woods on the roadside, and the queen exclaimed, “Ah, what a wonderful sight! “And show your work and yourself to your queen!”