Tulip Code

“Tulip will tell you the password.” This is what his father Ian said before his death, and Kevin remembered it in his heart.

In Kevin’s memory, his parents are very affectionate. Mother Jennifer likes tulips. Ian buys a bunch of tulips home every few hours and puts it in a vase. Later, six months after giving birth to Kevin’s sister Mira, Jennifer contracted pneumonia and died. What is even more sad is that Mira also died of illness when she was 3 years old. Heartbroken, Ian raised Kevin and grew up alone. In order to let the sad emotions have a catharsis, he deliberately planted the favorite tulips of his dead wife in a clearing.

Ian planted a total of 4 kinds of tulips, one in each row, and each row was like a beautiful wavy line, followed by red, yellow, pink, and purple. Ian put a bench next to the tulip, and in his spare time, he sat on the bench and looked southeast. Sometimes, Kevin would sit on a bench with Ian and watch the sunrise. Ian looked at the golden sun and told Kevin mysteriously: “I’m in a place and hid a treasure box.” Kevin immediately came to the spirit: “What treasure box? Do I need a password to open it?” “Of course!” Kevin laughed, “However, Tulip will tell you the password. You can only open it when you are most desperate.”

Soon, Ian died suddenly of heart failure. The whole family is left with Kevin living alone in the world, suffering from great pain every day, leading to frequent mistakes in his work and eventually being dismissed by his boss. Kevin, who had nothing, was desperate, and at this moment, he remembered what Ian had said, that he could open a treasure box when he was most desperate.

But where is that treasure box? It must be related to tulips. Kevin sat on the bench Ian usually sits on, contemplating for a long time, but can’t figure it out. In the evening, I suddenly heard the bell from the church. At that moment, he finally understood why Ian had to place the bench in this way, sitting on the bench just overlooking the small church in the distance. Ian and Jennifer held their wedding in that chapel.

“The treasure box must be in the church!” Early the next morning, Kevin went to the church excitedly and confirmed the treasure box to the priest. “Ian did store a box with me.” The priest nodded, but asked him, “Do you know the password?” This is a six-digit brass combination lock. Kevin tried several times. Can not be opened. The priest said that according to Ian’s instructions, if the combination lock cannot be opened, the treasure box cannot be taken away. Kevin returned in disappointment.

“Tulip will tell you the code.” Kevin remembered Ian’s words again, and came to the tulip garden again. He doesn’t like tulips, so he never observes these beautiful flowers carefully. Thinking to no avail, he checked a lot of information about tulips. Only then discovered that there are many colors of tulips. Why did Ian only grow red, yellow, pink and purple? A thought suddenly flashed in Kevin’s mind. In the United States, every month has the color of the month. December is red, April is yellow, June is pink, and November is purple. These four months are Jennifer, Ian, and Mi. The month when Ra and Kevin were born. Kevin was so excited that he immediately ran to the church: “I think, I know the password, it’s – 124611.”

The treasure box was opened, and a tulip made of pure gold was lying inside. Kevin couldn’t help shed tears, knowing that this tulip can help him through the difficult situation and live a good life. But after seeing the golden tulips, Kevin felt like he was encouraged by the whole family and didn’t want to sell the tulips anymore. He kept the treasure box in the church, turned and left, and actively devoted himself to the cause of tulips.

A few years later, Kevin made his fortune through the tulip perfume business. After he became wealthy, he gradually lost his way and lived a life of drunken gold and gold all day long, often boasting about his success story and the pure golden tulip to others. One day, Kevin’s new girlfriend acted like a baby to him and wanted to take a look at the pure golden tulips.

Kevin went to church, took out the treasure box, and entered the password. But when he picked up the tulip, something was wrong.

In the past two years, he has been exposed to a lot of gold, silver and jewellery, and he knows the weight of gold too. “This is not a tulip made of pure gold!” Kevin exclaimed. The priest nodded: “Yes, child, Ian is not in good health. It is impossible to make money to make a pure gold tulip for you. He designed this treasure box for only one purpose: if you can’t find the treasure box, then in your heart There is always hope; if you can find it, it will make you feel that your whole family is your backing.”

After Kevin heard this, tears flickered. Recalling that his parents and sister had died of illness, he was determined to change his past. He thought, this is the most correct tulip code.