“Generation Z” consumer portraits

  When young people have the power to make decisions about consumption, the consumption structure of the market will change accordingly due to their consumption logic, which puts forward higher requirements for the brand to implement accurate and effective marketing strategies. How to keep the heart and wallet of Generation Z has become a problem that needs to be solved continuously on Double Eleven.
  ”Brands that cannot catch young consumers have no future.” This sentence is regarded as the golden rule by more and more e-commerce companies. With the upgrading of consumption and the increasingly younger age of consumers, the new consumption pattern is constantly being reshaped. The “Generation Z” born in 1995-2009 is gradually becoming the backbone of the consumer market, leading the carnival wave of Double Eleven.
  In October, JD Retail Content Ecology and Zhimeng Consulting Agency jointly released a report on the consumption trend of Generation Z with the theme of “Decoding Generation Z, Content Legitimate Trend”, showing that the current generation of Z generation represented by the post-90s and post-00s has reached nearly 3 Billion people. They have a common personality. They are the main consumers with broad interests, keen on diversified niche circles, and like to explore novel consumption and chase trends. They act as trend-leading “consumer pioneers” in many categories.
  As the “indigenous people” of the Internet, generation Z students have obvious differences in shopping methods and consumption concepts from those born in the 70s, 80s, and even the 95s. They are enthusiastic and rational, shopping to please themselves, and keen on consumer products that meet their own “personal design”. With their unstoppable consumption strength, they set off wave after wave of double eleven multi-element consumption.
  In the
  first wave of pre-sales on October 20th, the sophomore student’s small tea room was squatting in Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room, unable to resist the temptation of the anchor “Crushes to buy it” and shopping till the early hours of the morning. The shopping list was fully satisfied, and he also “accidentally” harvested snacks and make-up, and even bought enough cosmetic contact lenses, facial masks and skin care products for the past two years.
  ”It’s not just impulse, because it’s really very favorable.” Xiaocha, born in 2002, said that the price in the live broadcast room was indeed the “lowest in history” she had waited and watched for a long time, not just a gimmick.
  Xiaocha said that with the arrival of Double Eleven, many online celebrity clothing stores that she used to follow have also started live broadcasts. In order to catch up with the big wave of double eleven, clothing stores have launched new ones, offering “11 break prices.” “Although I have to eat soil next, I feel that the clothes will be discounted once. If I don’t buy it, I feel uncomfortable. Winter clothes are expensive, and the price is right now.” So Xiaocha not only bought clothes for this year’s winter, but also next year’s T-shirts. I also bought a lot at the low price of Double Eleven.
  However, Gen Z is not “hoarding” everything. Household consumables such as boxes of toilet paper and packaged toothpaste, which are their favorites born in the 1980s, are completely unattractive to them. Trend-seeking young people are keen on the skin care products and make-up that the beauty bloggers grow, the smart products that technology changes lives, the new clothes and pet supplies on the Internet celebrity shops. The classmates of Generation Z respect the consumption concept of “pleasing oneself”. Compared with the familyism born in the 70s and 80s, they enjoy their lives more.
  Do not choose expensive only the election of the
  consumer attitudes even though Z generation is “to please themselves,” can bring “emotional experience”, in line with their “people set up” consumer goods, only more attractive, but they never blind Pursuing the so-called big names and high-end, but very good at finding their own “dishes” among the vast brands.
  With the emergence of functional skin care bloggers, skin care concepts such as “morning C, evening A” and “rejuvenating skin” have become popular words among young people. The new trend of skin care products of the Z generation no longer blindly pursue big names, but instead shifts the focus to the domestic skin care brands that are in volume. Old-brand skin care products such as Proya and Huaxi Biological have become popular, and the rookies of domestic products such as lifelong research and Zhiben have been well received.
  Xiaocha introduced that in terms of make-up, although most young girls still like international big names, the wallet does not allow them to be too indulgent, so young girls are polarized in their choice of make-up. The lipstick is worth 300 yuan, while other cosmetics come from dozens or even dozens of domestic brands. Huaxizi, Judou, Colorkey, etc. have become the preferred brands of “exquisite and poor”. These brands are also the main force on Double Eleven this year. “Many of my friends madly pull sisters on the pre-sale night to put together orders.” Xiaocha said, although from outsiders, the girls of Generation Z are “not bad for money”, but they never squander and like to enrich themselves while at the same time. Also pursue cost-effective.
  Unlike those born in the 70s and 80s who like to overdraft for shopping, many Gen Z do not know what a credit card is. “I don’t use credit cards and Huabei myself, and very few of my friends use Huabei. Basically none of them use credit cards.” Xiaocha said, this is a consumption habit of Generation Z, not to overdraft, and do what we can.
  The consumption concept of “no need, no purchase” has gradually become the mainstream consumption of young people. After shopping, many young people will make a review and think about whether they really need to buy this product. If it is only impulsive consumption, many people will choose to return it.
  More concerned about the quality of life
  of contemporary young people with diverse and “small minority” of interests, hobbies give them positive spiritual energy, their social “center point”, also in the shopping cart “workhorse.”
  In 1996, Qiqi likes fitness and loves green and smart life. This year’s Double Eleven, she started to wait and see the bone conduction headset for a long time. The headset is no longer limited to being worn in the ear, but transmits sound by vibrating the skull. In this way, you are not afraid of earphones falling and uncomfortable situations when running or exercising.
  Qiqi also introduced her shopping cart, new smart machines such as instant hot water dispenser, tooth flusher, mite removal instrument and so on. Qiqi said that she lives alone and is tiring to clean up the house. She has been obsessed with smart furniture since she owned the first robot vacuum cleaner. “Double Eleven shopping is the most cost-effective. Now the express delivery is also very fast, so I will buy some smarter new products and try it.” A simple, hands-free but high-end lifestyle has gradually become the mainstream of young people’s lives.
  Double Eleven is no longer limited to a shopping carnival for girls. This year, many boys are also waiting for opportunities. Shi Zhi, who was born in 2000, said that he ordered printers, imported keyboards and BEASTARS comics on Double Eleven this year. At the same time, as a qualified “poop shovel officer”, he bought a lot of cat food and cat litter with the “poop shovel officer” in the local pet exchange group.
  According to statistics, the transaction volume of pet supplies is increasing year by year. Young people of Generation Z have their own unique outlook on life, and many people even decide to spend their lives with cats, dogs and dogs. Pets are the spiritual sustenance of many young people, and their expenses account for a lot of the young people’s expenses, but the quality of life said that they are also happy.
  However, this year’s Double Eleven has also received a lot of criticism. Since the beginning of October, the battle line has been opened, and the routine has become deeper and deeper. Pre-sale, deposit, final payment, first price increase and then price reduction, various preferential rules and mechanisms have made consumers shout “collapse”!
  The previous Double Eleven was a discount shopping carnival, and now Double Eleven is the Qingbei Advanced Mathematics class. Over 199-25, over 200-30, the prepaid deposit is reduced by 20 yuan, there are red envelopes across stores, and large coupons can be used for combined payments… These complicated rules persuade many young people who admire simple and rude people. Nana, who was born in 2000, said that she would never buy a few hundred yuan of things she didn’t need just because she had to make up all the savings, and she also hated the practice of staying up late to calculate for a long time to buy something. “If I can buy what I like, I will place an order. If it is too troublesome, I would rather choose not. I think trouble is one aspect, and more importantly, I don’t like the feeling of being manipulated and cutting leeks by the merchant.” Nana said.
  While shopping, calculating, complaining, and enjoying, generation Z young people have a strong sense of participation in Double Eleven. They are both fanatical and rational, pursuing trends, and creating trends. They are consumers with distinctive personalities. group. When young people have the power to make decisions about consumption, the consumption structure of the market will change accordingly due to their consumption logic, which puts forward higher requirements for the brand to implement accurate and effective marketing strategies. How to keep the heart and wallet of Generation Z has become a problem that needs to be solved continuously on Double Eleven.