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Your friend’s genes will be similar to yours

  Genes show that we are more than passers-by and less than a married couple.
  Some studies have found that human beings subconsciously seek out partners whose genes are similar to themselves (so husband and wife relationship is actually based on a little scientific basis).
  After a long-term follow-up and comparison, the new study further found that the genetic similarity between friends is actually much higher than that of random paired passers-by – the average similarity is about 2/3 of that between husband and wife.
  This phenomenon is thought to be related to “social isomorphism”: people with similar characteristics form common groups. And now research has confirmed that this “similar feature” turns out to be very similar at the genetic level.
  As for what the reason is, there is no way to give a definite answer. But scholars believe this reflects the many ways in which genetics and social background interact and shape our choices—even making friends.
  To give an example of good understanding, just like studies have confirmed that it is actually genes that do not like to eat coriander (the OR6A2 gene will make people feel that coriander has a soapy smell). So if people who hate cilantro form an anti-cilantro front together, then friends who know each other because of this front can naturally be said to be influenced by genes.
  From this point of view, the most classic love problem in history – “Does TA only consider me as an ordinary friend?” Maybe it can be solved just by testing a gene.

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