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Wisdom Pineapple

A few days ago, the folks sent me two boxes of pineapples, which I express as a local specialty to my friends far away.

Due to the long journey, I was worried that the pineapples would be damaged during the delivery, so I repacked the pineapples and put them in the places where the pineapples are easy to be bumped with paper. After some careful packaging, two boxes of pineapples took my “lovely kindness” to the express van.

I looked at the delivery truck that was going away, and thought to myself, my friend is a small leader and a very busy person. For these two boxes of pineapples, if she has time to eat two of them, it will give me face, and the rest may be delivered. For relatives and friends, the worst may be because she can’t eat all at once or is too busy with work to deal with rotten.

After the pineapple was delivered, I sent two flower emojis to her WeChat account the next day. I voted “flower” and asked “fruit” to see if she was busy? Did you get the pineapple? As expected, she said that she was busy all day, and even sent an emoji: “busy as a dog”. She said that she received the pineapple, and she was busy again without chatting a few words!

A few days have passed, and after work, I occasionally think of these two boxes of pineapples, because they are full of the “affectionate kindness” of the folks, and they are also tied to my heart. I murmured in my heart: Has she eaten the pineapple? Or given to friends and family, or rotten?

On Sunday morning, I got up very early, I turned on my phone and read WeChat. “Ding dong”, the phone popped up a few pictures she sent me, and wrote a few lines below the pictures: “Your pineapple is made into pie” “Your pineapple is made into sauce” “Your pineapple is made into jam” Made into jelly” “Your pineapple made into jelly”.

My first reaction was surprise. I admired her wisdom and her whimsy. She actually processed pineapples into “pineapple pie”, “pineapple jam”, “pineapple jelly” and “pineapple milk jelly”, and stored them in the refrigerator. Enjoy slowly. The way of eating pineapple opened my eyes. I thought to myself, I grew up in a pineapple orchard and ate fresh pineapple fruit for decades. Why didn’t I think of eating pineapple like this?

I fiddled with my phone, zoomed in on these pictures, and looked at them carefully. Pie made of pineapple is a fashionable and trendy American pastry food. It is served on a beautiful plate. It is orange-yellow. It makes people drool when you look at it, and you have a strong desire to eat; Sauce is a fashionable food made of pineapple puree. It is served in a glass cup. The golden-yellow pineapple jam releases irresistible temptation and makes people mouth-watering; jelly made of pineapple, Yellow and translucent, it hides the elasticity of crystal love, and it looks like it smells the aroma of pineapple; the milk jelly made of pineapple is a beautiful combination of pineapple and milk. It is conceivable to put this pineapple milk Frozen in the mouth, it must be the fragrance of pineapple with the mellowness of milk swirling…

The hometown of Xuwen County is the main producing area of ​​pineapples in my country, and enjoys the reputation of “the hometown of pineapples”. Xuwen pineapples are recognized as the geographical indication of Chinese agricultural products. Xuwen’s pineapple planting area is nearly 300,000 mu, with an annual output of about 700,000 tons of pineapples, accounting for one-third of the country’s output. Recently, the topic of “one out of every three Chinese pineapples is from Xuwen” has been on the hot search of major platforms.

Every year around “May Day”, Xuwen’s pineapple is the best time to eat. The fresh pineapple has a strong aroma, sweet fruit, juicy and soft, and is favored by consumers at home and abroad. Many tourists come to Xuwen County, the southernmost part of mainland China. , I just want to taste the fresh pineapple fruits just picked here, and see the beauty of the sea of ​​pineapples here.

Pineapple is a pillar industry for local farmers to get rid of poverty and become rich. In the eastern part of Xuwen, there are pineapples everywhere. In Qujie Town, the first town of pineapples in China, almost every household grows pineapples, and farmers build pineapple buildings by planting pineapples.

However, pineapple is also a fragile industry. In the past, if there were bad weather such as cold waves, or unfavorable factors such as pineapples were concentrated on the market and the sales were slow, farmers would lose everything. The year before last, Xuwen’s pineapples were unsalable, and a large number of pineapples could not be sold. Pieces of ripe pineapples rotted in the ground. At that time, I was returning to my hometown as a cadre of “Ten Hundred Thousands” to promote poverty alleviation. I used my personal connections to contact entrepreneurs in Zhanjiang, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places, and helped local farmers sell more than 100,000 catties of pineapples. . I also participated in the “Daily Consumption Supply and Demand Matchmaking Meeting” of the China Small and Medium Enterprises Expo to match up with the national railways, and put dried pineapple products on the train for sale, so that pineapples could be sold more and go further.

Over the years, in order to solve the problem of pineapple sales, Xu Wen built some pineapple processing plants. But most of the processed pineapple products are canned pineapples with low added value, or pineapple juice, or dried pineapple slices, etc. There are very few fashionable and trendy “tall” processed pineapple products.

Then again, my friend’s masterpieces are “Pineapple Pie”, “Pineapple Jam”, “Pineapple Jelly” and “Pineapple Milk Jelly”. Although its production and processing are not very high-end, it has changed its thinking from eating pineapple fresh fruit. To make “pineapple pie”, “pineapple jam”, “pineapple jelly” and “pineapple milk jelly”, it solves the problem of not being able to eat pineapples all at once. In this innovative thinking, we see a kind of wisdom.

Xuwen is the hometown of pineapples, and Xuwen’s pineapple industry has received useful inspiration from these “pineapple pie”, “pineapple jam”, “pineapple jelly” and “pineapple milk jelly”?

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