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Wisdom of the Chili Seller

  I am afraid that people who sell chili will often encounter such a problem, that is, there will be buyers constantly asking: “Is your chili spicy?” It is difficult to answer. Answer “spicy”, maybe the person who buys chili is afraid of spicy food and will leave immediately; answer “not spicy”, maybe the person who buys chili likes to eat spicy food, but the business is still not successful. Of course, the solution is also classic, that is, divide the peppers into two piles, and choose the spicy and non-spicy ones. This is what the book says.
  One day I was fine, standing next to a chili woman’s tricycle, watching how she solved this antinomy problem. When there was no buyer in front of me, I wisely said to her: “You can divide the peppers into two piles. If someone wants spicy, you can tell him that this pile is. If it is not spicy, you can tell him that the pile is.” Thinking of the woman selling chili, she just smiled and said softly, “No need!”
  Then a buyer came and asked, “Is the chili hot?” The woman selling chili told him with certainty: “The color is darker. Spicy, light color is not spicy!” The buyer believed it to be true, picked up the chili, paid for it, and left satisfied. I don’t know what’s going on today, most people don’t buy spicy food. After a while, the light-colored peppers were all gone.
  I said again: “divide the remaining chili into two piles! Otherwise, it will be difficult to sell!” However, the woman selling the chili still smiled and shook her head, saying, “No need!” Another buyer came and asked : “Are chili peppers spicy?” The woman selling chili peppers glanced at her chili peppers and replied, “The long ones are spicy, the short ones are not!” Sure enough, buyers started to pick them according to her classification criteria. As a result of this round, the long peppers quickly ran out.
  Seeing that the rest were all dark-colored short peppers, I didn’t speak any more, thinking to myself: What else do you have to say this time? Unexpectedly, when another buyer asked “Is the chili spicy”, the woman selling the chili answered confidently: “The hard-skinned ones are spicy, the soft-skinned ones are not spicy!” For half a day, many peppers did soften due to dehydration.
  The woman who sold the chili peppers sold the chili peppers and said to me before leaving: “Everyone who sells chili peppers knows the method you mentioned, but only I know my method!” I suddenly had an epiphany: the wisdom of life can be written as Books, but you can’t simply live according to the wisdom written in the books, because life is fresh and flexible!

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