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Why Massage Boosts Muscle Recovery

  Some people choose massage therapy after a muscle strain, thinking that it will not only relieve pain, but also recover faster, is this true?
  Recently, researchers at Harvard University in the United States gave an explanation to this problem. In the experiment, the researchers first treated the leg muscles of some mice, and the injuries were equally severe. The researchers then divided the mice into four groups, one of which received no treatment, while the other three received massages of varying intensity. It was found that the mice who received the massage recovered significantly better.
  The researchers took a closer look and found that it was actually neutrophils that hindered the recovery of the mice’s leg muscles. These cells appear near damaged muscle tissue and release signals that attract newly differentiated muscle cells to the damaged site. In the early stage of muscle recovery, neutrophils play a role in promoting recovery, but if neutrophils continue to exist, it will hinder muscle recovery, and massage can just squeeze neutrophils out of the damaged area. This is why massage can promote muscle recovery.
  In traditional treatment, cold compress or rest is recommended for muscle strains, but the discovery of Harvard University may bring new treatment ideas.

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