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Why Many People Like to Work in Coffee Shops

   In the cafes in the city, there are many people who work with their laptops. Even on weekends, some people like to bring their work to the cafe. The “Harry Potter” series was written by Ms. Rowling in a cafe. Some surveys have also found that compared with the office environment and home, many people think that cafes are more satisfying places to work. There are people coming and going in the cafe and there is noise. Why do some people not like a quiet office space and have to find a noisy place to work?
   Strangeness promotes memory. Recently, a study by the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom found the link. Dr. Daria Franck, a cognitive neuroscientist at the university, has demonstrated in an experiment that “anticipation violations” before or during learning trigger activation in the brain’s hippocampus, the area of ​​the brain responsible for memory. The encoding mechanism greatly improves the memory of unexpected events. In other words, “strangeness” or “unplanned events” will prompt the hippocampus to switch on learning mode. This is like, in a familiar environment, we are always attracted by those new and strange things, which make us full of curiosity and interest. This is actually the impact of strangeness on the brain.
   Many people like the working atmosphere of cafes, calling it an ideal “third space”, precisely because compared with our familiar homes or offices, cafes are a relatively unfamiliar scene. Those noises that seem to interrupt the work at any time, such as the grinding sound of the coffee machine, low-key background music and human voice whispering, can not only bring a fresh listening experience, but also help to relax and improve concentration. In addition, the constant aroma of coffee in the air is also an unexpected event in the olfactory dimension, which continues to tap the potential of our brains, thereby improving work efficiency.
   Ambient noise inspires. A study by the University of British Columbia in Canada also showed that in a slightly disturbed environment, people can improve work efficiency and stimulate inspiration and creativity. This “slightly disturbing” refers to a noise environment of about 70 decibels, and cafes basically meet this condition.
   A “working together” environment promotes self-discipline. Being more productive at a coffee shop is also linked to a social facilitation effect. Seeing people around you work hard and earnestly, you will also concentrate on yourself.
   In addition, there are some bookstores, cafes, and lobby bars of five-star hotels, which have also become ideal workplaces for many people.
   It must be pointed out that not everyone is suitable to work in a coffee shop. The study found that people who pay attention to life rituals, like to try new things, and are keen on experience can improve their work efficiency in coffee shops; however, very pragmatic and goal-oriented people work in the same place wherever they work; while those who are very sensitive to sound and interference For sensitive people, a coffee shop may not be a suitable place to work.

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