Watermelon and garlic cure urethritis

   One night last summer, I got up to pee, and found that the urine was red, like the water that washed fresh meat. I was so shocked that I rushed to the hospital to see a doctor early the next morning. After the doctor’s diagnosis and tests, I was suffering from acute urethritis. The doctor said: “This is a small problem, and it will be cured after a few days of anti-inflammatory injections.” The doctor’s words comforted me. I thought that since it was a small problem, it was not a big problem, so I might as well go back and get anti-inflammatory injections at a nearby community clinic. Because it was too hot, the hospital was too far away, and injections were expensive.
   So I went home, went to the small clinic downstairs, and told the doctor here about my treatment in the hospital. The doctor here also said quite confidently: “Take anti-inflammatory injections here for three days, and it will be cured!”
   Next, I infused anti-inflammatory fluids in a small clinic for three consecutive days, but the color of urine not only did not return to normal, There is also a slight burning sensation when urinating. I was very anxious, so I asked the doctor in the small clinic, but he couldn’t figure it out, so he just said vaguely: “Maybe it’s too hot, and the effect of the medicine should come slowly!” He thought for a while and said: “Or, Go to the big hospital tomorrow for another checkup!” While I was talking to the doctor, a neighbor who came to see the doctor heard me, and she stopped me and said, “Sister Gao, it’s such a hot day, and the hospital is too far away. It’s too much to run around! Let me tell you a recipe that my sister-in-law used and it’s quite effective. It’s just to buy a watermelon, peel it off with a knife, then peel a few grains of garlic, put it in the pulp, and cover it The lid of the melon, steam it in the pot for ten minutes, take it out and eat it together with the flesh and garlic, and it will be fine.”
   I was half-believed after hearing this, but thought to myself: watermelon itself is diuretic and nutritious, try eating it try it!
   I hurriedly asked my husband to buy a watermelon and came back, and made it according to the neighbor’s instructions. Sadly, steamed watermelon with garlic is really unpalatable. But in order to cure the disease, I still bite the bullet and ate the steamed watermelon. After eating, I went to bed. In the middle of the night, I was woken up by urination, and I hurried to the bathroom. Before urinating, I was still worried that I would have a burning sensation. After I undid it, I found that it was very pleasant and the burning sensation was gone. Looking down again, the urination was clear. Yellow and normal.
   For several days, my urination was normal, and I was completely relieved. It seemed that my urethritis was completely cured.