those warm starry sky

  When the police entered the house to arrest the suspect, the suspect was playing games with his son. Facing the terrified and confused child, the policeman squatted down and said kindly, “Uncle asked Dad to do a big favor. It will take a long time. You should study hard at home and wait for Dad to come back obediently, okay?” The child nodded firmly and proudly. Afterwards, Dad was caught between two police officers, and they followed each other away like a friend. He was not handcuffed until he got into the police car.
  My father was very moved and confessed all the crimes truthfully. After being imprisoned, he worked hard to reform and was released early. At this time, the son is already a college student with excellent academic performance.
  Although the policeman’s momentary leaning over was very small, it was undoubtedly a huge turning point in life for both the father and the son.
  Years ago, I handled a dispute between neighbors. Before I took on this case, they had several lawsuits arising out of it. Each case has gone through the first instance and the second instance, and the plaintiffs have lost the case. This time was no exception. He appealed after losing the first trial, but was sent back for retrial by the second trial ruling. After reviewing the papers before the trial, I couldn’t help but sigh in my heart. If the plaintiff can’t provide solid and powerful new evidence, I’m afraid he will lose the case.
  He is not a villain, but a typical image of a loyal and honest farmer. His lawsuit involves the homestead of his ancestors. Because no strong evidence has been found, his lawsuit has been defeated again and again.
  During the trial, the other party provided two more witnesses and invited two lawyers. As expected, he had no new evidence, and most of his statements were repetitions or content that had nothing to do with the dispute. It could have been completely stopped, but when I saw him alone, my heart softened suddenly, and I let him speak freely.
  Unexpectedly, this momentary softening of the heart has achieved unexpected results. When signing after the adjournment, he sincerely told me that I knew that my case would not be won. I’ve said everything I wanted to say. You judge, no matter what the result, I will not appeal.
  He really lost, but he really didn’t appeal. After that, I never had any contact with him. I can’t remember his name for a long time, but this case breaks into my memory from time to time, which makes me deeply moved. My softness is so insignificant to him, and his affirmation to me is so insignificant, but he got rid of the burden of litigation, and I would like to listen more when communicating with people in the future.
  A few days ago, I went to the provincial capital to do business. When everything was ready and was about to be handed over, I found that there was one photo missing. Fortunately, I saved it in my mobile phone, so I just needed to print it out.
  I had to go out and find a print shop. But a street was almost finished, but I didn’t even find the word “print”. In a hurry, I rushed into a car franchise store rashly.
  The little girl at the front desk has a pair of clear and bright eyes and a warm heart. After listening to my brief description of the ins and outs, she added me on WeChat without saying a word. Within two minutes, the photo arrived.
  I thank you again and again and ask how much it costs. The little girl waved her hands again and again, and said with a rippling smile, it was just a matter of little effort.
  The little girl’s smile stayed in my mind for a long time, making me feel warm in the world.
  The instant warmth that emerges naturally is like one star after another dotted in the night sky. Looking up, although the light is dim, it is full of shining and dark hope.