This shore, the other shore

  I know a friend who was diagnosed with stomach cancer and only had 3 to 6 months to live.
  My friend is a senior executive of an organization with a thriving career and a happy family. He suddenly found out that he had cancer, and all thoughts were lost for a moment. He decided not to tell his family, bear the pain of illness alone, and use the remaining time to arrange funeral affairs.
  ”It’s very strange to say that from the day when the cancer was diagnosed, the business that I usually worked hard and exhausted became not important at all
  . They separate.
  ”The space for thinking suddenly jumps out from the real world, and I think about death, the world after death, and how to welcome the coming of death.” My friend said.
  My friend suffered a lot of mental and physical torture. One and a half months later, he went to another hospital for an accurate examination and found that it was a misdiagnosis, and there was nothing wrong with his stomach.
  ”It’s strange. From the day I was diagnosed with gastric cancer, my stomach ached every day, and I had to take a lot of medicine to relieve the pain. After confirming that it was a misdiagnosis, the stomach disease suddenly recovered.” My friend said.
  It can be seen that the power of the mind is very great.
  After learning about the misdiagnosis, he told his wife about his physical and mental suffering for a month and a half. His wife said: “No wonder you have been very considerate to me in the past one and a half months. You have never been angry, so that’s how it is.”
  He told his friends what happened, and the friends were filled with righteous indignation and asked him which hospital and which doctor he should sue. Ask for compensation.
  He said: “Actually, I am very grateful to that doctor. He completely opened my mind and made me think of problems that I had never thought about before; ’”
  But it was his daughter who was in high school that shocked him the most. When he told his daughter about the misdiagnosis, the daughter asked him: “Dad, you won’t live for only 3 months, so how long can you live?”

  The daughter asked him again: “Dad, if you don’t know how long you can live and you haven’t changed, how is it different from before the misdiagnosis?” The
  friend was stimulated by his daughter’s words, and his attitude towards life completely changed.
  He said: “Work hard with your heart, this is this shore; love your loved ones more heartily, this is the other shore.” ”
  Deal with urgent matters, this is this shore; focus on important things, this is the other shore.”
  ”Managing the business of the world is this shore; managing the liberation of life and death is the other shore…
  ”The doctor is my teacher, who took me from this shore to the other shore; my daughter is also my teacher, helping me break the barrier between the two sides. limit. ”
  I jokingly said: “This seems to have opened up the two veins of Ren and Du.” ”
  The friend said: “No, this is ‘the apes on both sides of the strait can’t stop crying, and the light boat has passed the Ten Thousand Mountains’. I feel calm and relaxed physically and mentally. ”
  After saying goodbye to my friends, on the way home, I also fell into deep thought. Life is so short, but we spend too much time on unnecessary things, and spend a lot of time obsessed with things that we mistakenly think are important. When I get home,
  I Turn on the light, and see that darkness and light are the same space. Turning on the light makes a big difference. And what is the difference between a dark heart and a light heart? It’s just that the light is turned on in the heart. For those who turn on the light in the heart, The darkness can’t restrain him.
  He can understand and see clearly the path between this shore and the other shore. No matter how storms arise or troubles arise, they are all bubbles that are easy to disappear for him.