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Test your coordination ability in interpersonal communication

  Socializing is not a simple matter. Even if you have many friends around you, if you don’t have enough coordination skills, it will be difficult to be a person among your friends. When you encounter interpersonal problems, you will not know how to solve them reasonably. So, let’s test your interpersonal coordination skills first.
  1. On the first day of school, a classmate took the initiative to strike up a conversation, what would you do?
  As if I didn’t hear my actions – 02
  Reply friendly and go together – 03
  2. During the summer vacation, you have drawn a round-trip ticket for an overseas trip. The travel destination is Australia or Italy. Which country do you want to go to?
  Italy – 03
  Australia – 04
  3. If you are a new generation writer, a fashion newspaper asks you to write a column, what type of article would you write?
  The emotional life of urban white-collar workers – 04
  Travel Notes – 05
  4. If you find out that your friend is planning how to frame the monitor, what will you do?
  Although I don’t agree with this approach, I still stand on the side of my good friend – 05
  immediately told the monitor – 06
  5. What would you do if you found a precious puppy?
  Waiting for the owner in place – 06
  Take it home quickly – 07
  6. The following two part-time jobs are waiting for you during the summer vacation, which one would you choose?
  Mobile phone salesman – 07
  Kindergarten art teacher – 08
  7. What would you do if you ran into a celebrity you liked for a long time while shopping?
  Ask for autographs and take pictures with idols – 08 Stop and
  watch silently – 09
  8. If you were a rookie fresh out of film school, what would be the first role you would like to play?
  Funny Female No. 3 – 09 Female No. 1 with Fateful
  Fate – 10
  9. How would you deal if someone you hated before made an offer to you?
  Rejection – 10
  Willing to be friends – 11
  10. What are you most worried about when traveling?
  Whether the food is appetizing – 11 Is the
  transportation convenient – 13
  11. Your good friend has lost her love, how will you accompany her to spend this depressing day?
  Instruct her as soon as you have the chance – 12
  cry with her and laugh with her – Type B
  12. How would you explain that you can’t complete the request of your friend within the scheduled time?
  Explain why it wasn’t done – Type F
  Saying he was sick – 13
  13. If you were a clerk in a gift shop and a boy came to buy a gift for his girlfriend, what would you recommend?
  Hug Bear or Jewelry – Type C
  Funny Toys – 14
  14. What would you do if you saw a thief picking someone else’s wallet while you were driving?
  Yelling “catch the thief” – Type A
  Staring at the thief or implying the person – 15
  15. If you were a trainee nurse, what kind of patient would you want to take care of?
  Elderly – Type D
  Children – Type E
A. Coordination: ★★★★★

  Straightforward type, you speak up when you have something to say, and you will never hide it. As long as you realize that you may cause a misunderstanding to others, you will definitely explain it clearly, even if you admit your mistake to the other party in public. As time goes on, your friends will trust you more and more, and even if you occasionally make a small mistake or lose your temper, everyone will still be very considerate of you.
B. Coordination: ★★

  The more shy you are, the more anxious you are, the more you don’t know how to express yourself, and your coordination ability in communication still has many deficiencies. You don’t want to face tough problems head on because you want face too much, and you often choose to escape reality, which ends up messing up your relationships. In fact, if you speak your mind boldly and face mistakes correctly, your interpersonal relationship will be more harmonious.
C. Coordination: ★★★

  You are a pacifist with a weak personality, lacking decisive judgment, being too vague when it’s time to take a stand, and having some problems with your coordination. In interpersonal communication, you might as well look at things from the standpoint of others, don’t be trapped in your own small views and narrow-mindedness, talk to people who are full of action, and learn other people’s communication methods.
D. Coordination: ★★★★

  You are a bit reserved, you belong to someone who likes to use their brains but doesn’t like to express their opinions very much. You are not persistent enough in your attitude towards others. If you feel that you are not your own, you have to learn to express your opinions.
E. Coordination: ★★★★★

  You have a strong desire for self-expression and like to care about people who are weaker than yourself, so that you feel more independent and stronger. You have a certain level of communication skills, you are smooth in dealing with things, and your coordination ability is also very good. You should pay attention to improving your strength, and don’t talk too much. Interpersonal communication is not just about means, but also to see your true level when necessary!
F. Coordination: ★★★★★

  You are always smiling and considerate of others. No matter what difficulties your friends encounter, you can get more or less help from you. Everyone is full of praise for you. Your coordination ability is first-class. You will inevitably bring some inconvenience to yourself by sharing the worries of others. Fortunately, you can find a balance from the annoyance, which is also an important reason for your popularity.

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