Seeking opportunities and making breakthroughs – Henan Huifeng Diamond Co., Ltd. was included in the “Three High” Enterprise Cultivation Library of Zhengzhou City

High technology, high growth, high added value

On December 24, the Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Announcement on the List of Enterprises to be Included in the Cultivation Library of Zhengzhou High-tech, High-Growth and High-Value-Added Enterprises”. The public information shows that according to relevant requirements, 2,035 enterprises that participate in the declaration and meet the selection conditions are planned to be included in the cultivation library through procedures such as voluntary declaration by enterprises, initial review and recommendation by the county (city, district), and joint review by the three departments.

Among them, Henan Huifeng Diamond Co., Ltd. is listed and included in the warehouse list of “three high” enterprises in Zhengzhou.

“Three high” enterprises are powerful engines for high-quality development, and are high-quality enterprises with the characteristics of “high technology, high growth, and high added value”, strong innovation ability, market competitiveness, anti-risk ability and good development prospects. The rapid rise of “three high” enterprises not only effectively promotes the transformation and upgrading of the industry, but also helps to accelerate the formation of new industries with optimized structure, high value and outstanding benefits.

Technological innovation opens up big markets

Henan Huifeng Diamond Co., Ltd. is listed as a “three high” enterprise, indicating that Huifeng Diamond’s high- quality development results are inseparable: effective enterprise management, continuous project construction, and deepened technological empowerment.

Technological innovation has always been the driving force for the development of Huifeng Diamonds. At the same time, our company continues to focus on technological research and development and innovation accumulation. With the support of the government, Huifeng Diamond will continue to invest in R&D and technological innovation to strengthen and improve the “three high ” enterprises . Great staying power .

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