Plant says

i am a cactus

  Wait, don’t deliberately blend in, there will always be a confidant.
  I have many thorns on my body, so flowers and trees never pay attention to me. So, I pulled out the thorns on my body, squeezed into the flowers, sang and danced with the flowers and plants. But I found that I don’t like singing and dancing all day long. In contrast, I prefer a quiet life. But I hate being alone, so I try really hard to fit in with them.
  Until one day, I met a rose, she also likes a quiet life, she and I became real friends.
i am a lotus

  Don’t define others by their birth, and don’t let others define you.
  I was born in a dirty mud pond, with smelly and dirty soil underneath, and my parents and brothers, they were so ugly that they were always trapped in the mud.
  Yu’er said, I will also be like them, becoming a piece of mud and never being able to support the wall.
  Until one day, I grew out of the water and bloomed. I saw the blue sky, white clouds, and green lotus leaves and pink lotus flowers. I looked at my reflection in the water and smiled.
i am a grass

  Every ordinary person has his greatness.
  I look ordinary, unremarkable, and countless people pass by, but no one will take a second look at me.
  One day, I died, trampled to death by human beings. And under my body, there are a few small grasses. They were small, trembling, tense, and frightened.
  At that time, I was so ordinary in the eyes of the world, but how great was I in their eyes?
i am a sunflower

  There is often a lonely heart hidden under the seemingly optimistic appearance.
  I represent the sunshine, positive and upward.
  Whenever the sun rises, I smile at him and smile all day long, giving all the happiness to the sun and people.
  No one knows about my nights. I’m tired, dry, dry, and no one knows. Maybe when the moon rises, I will cry a lot, but I will continue to smile tomorrow.