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Nigeria’s ‘weird’ party souvenirs

  In Nigeria, it’s common to go home with a variety of souvenirs after a party. Also, souvenirs are often plentiful, ranging from plastics to food. The practice is common among many tribes in Nigeria and is now popular among party hosts in the Southwest. Party organizers use these gifts to thank guests who not only purchased themed dresses specifically for the party, but also paid for sponsorships to grace the event.
  From weekend to weekend, there’s always a street corner or gorgeous hall throwing a party. No wonder it’s often said that weekends are the days of revelry and parties.
  Speaking on the subject, entrepreneur and party lover Ayomid Latif said she loves parties and is often teased as a “party rock teen.” She said: “Please call me Party Rock Youth. I love parties so much, I go to them almost every weekend. I’m the protagonist of any party, I enjoy partying and dancing, I love dancing. I’ve been all over the country, from La Goss, Oyo, Enugu State to the Federal Capital Territory. I got all sorts of souvenirs from the party and they were all lovely.” The
  party organizers also tried to make the party feel like it was through themed dress selection and classic venue layouts. high-end. In addition, most of the souvenirs in the past were plastic products, and some wealthy organizers gave expensive gifts to guests. Now, party hosts seem to be doing better PR, offering guests rechargeable lamps, mid-sized wall mirrors or blankets. They also usually print the image of the party host or the wedding couple on the souvenir.
  In 2017, Lagos-based interior designer Iogi Ogpol and millionaire ex-husband Kenneth Brammer held a wedding in the ancient city of Benin, Edo state. They took the class of party memorabilia to a new level and became the focus of public opinion.
  In addition to receiving new iPhones and other expensive gifts at the party, guests reportedly entered a raffle at the wedding venue. Two lucky guests were drawn into brand new cars. 200 pieces of clothing worth 150,000 naira were distributed free of charge at the wedding venue.
  In 2014, guests gathered in Otok, Bayelsa State, and the capital, Abuja, for the daughters of then-President Goodluck Jonathan, Faith Osacquie and Godswill Osim – From the Cross Two wedding parties for Prince Osimotu of Abbey, River State.

Nollywood actor Thorne Abraham and her red pepper memorabilia

  The second wedding party at the National Universal Centre in Abuja was extravagant. The venue has hosted influential people from Nigeria and other countries. The guests received expensive gifts at the wedding venue. The high-profile party brought together some of Nigeria’s most influential public figures, with guests reportedly returning home with custom gold-plated iPhones. The report pointed out that there are many valuable gifts that guests get from the colorful party activities, and mobile phones are only one of them.
  Today, souvenirs have taken on a variety of forms, luxurious, absurd, everything.
  Another party regular, Abiola Ojikwu, said she got several kinds of souvenirs from the party, including kitchen utensils, bathroom equipment and food. She said: “Parties are a great place to get all kinds of souvenirs. I get a lot of party favors like buckets, spoons, pots, ottomans, shopping bags and toothpaste. Most of the time, the souvenirs are determined by the price of the themed dress. Decisive. The quality of the dress will determine what kind of souvenir one gets. Pasta, toothpaste, toothpicks, salt, sugar, etc. are often distributed by family members and well-wishers, designed to make the guests feel worthwhile.”
  Augie Kewu recalled that the souvenirs she received at a party in 2016 were herbs in containers. She said: “One of the souvenirs we received at a wedding in Ibadan, Oyo state in 2016 was a bunch of herbs stuffed in a container. When we got the keg, everyone laughed Yes. I ended up taking it home, I think the party host wanted us to eat some herbs to clear our stomachs after we drank haise.”

Live chicken souvenirs at the party

  In addition, Nollywood actor Toyn Abraham distributed chili peppers as a souvenir at the memorial service of her colleague Iyapo Ocho’s death. Abraham packed fresh peppers into custom bags and shared them with guests as memorial gifts.
  The actress shared a video showing small bags of peppers and large bags of peppers that haven’t been subdivided into pouches. Each bag is almost full of fresh red peppers and has a picture of Ocho’s mother printed on the bag. These were provided by Abraham and her husband Coralvale Ajayemi, and the chili peppers represent “the wrath of Mom and Dad.”
  This year, another socialite party went viral. Nollywood actor Alesh Sunny shared a video of the party that showed guests getting live chickens as souvenirs, each with pink ribbons tied around their legs. “Come on, I love Lagos parties, that’s where I collect chicken,” the actor wrote.
  In November, plantains were expensive. Socialite Haja Vajira took to the internet to share her excitement after receiving plantains, yams and vegetable oil at the party.
  The excited guest wrote on his social media page: “Can you believe it? These are now Lagos party souvenirs! I almost forgot, vegetable oil and yam. For Lagosians, all things Anything can be a keepsake.”
  Wedding souvenirs are especially about expressing gratitude to the guests, and at the same time wanting them to leave an indelible impression on this special day.
  Tommy Bright, a marketing professional, said she was delighted to receive a suitcase at a wedding she attended recently. Bright said: “I’m so happy to get this souvenir because it’s so useful to me. My husband and I are planning to move and just need a suitcase. A client who has become a friend invited me to the party. Wedding souvenirs shouldn’t be It’s better to give guests something practical than just photos. Everyone wants guests to have good memories of the wedding. Also, the wedding is only a few hours, so there is no need for guests to spend too much money on it, after all, after the party is over Faced with credit card bills. Hosts are perfectly fine to share something valuable but not expensive. At our wedding we handed out mugs, trays and shopping bags.”
  Earlier this year, there was a panic in Lagos over people using barrels of petrol as souvenirs. The incident occurred at a time when many parts of Nigeria were facing commodity shortages. In a popular video, 10-litre kegs of petrol can be seen being handed out to guests at the party. The video also captures Alao Adekunle, a musician performing at the event. When Adekunle noticed the strange souvenir, he expressed surprise. He sings in Yoruba: “Where’s my fuel? I know gasoline will be handed out, and I see gasoline a lot at parties.”

  The memorabilia has angered many people who have expressed concern about the risks involved in the act. After the backlash, party organizer Chidinma Ogburu apologized to Nigerians online.
  She explained: “I would like to use the online medium to apologize for my indiscretion in handing out petrol at a party. My intention was simply to thank my guests for attending my event during this difficult time. I have reflected on this and sincerely apologize. I thank you Everyone’s understanding and criticism.”
  Veteran event planner Opeyemi Arerona said party souvenirs are gifts to thank guests. “Part of the philosophy of party souvenirs is not to leave guests empty-handed. Especially in Nigeria, it’s a show of love. The sales of party dresses, the background of the guests and the season in which the event is held all influence the souvenirs. Factors. For example, some people distribute umbrellas during the rainy season.” Arerona said, “Souvenirs should be distributed to everyone who attends the event, not just those who buy dresses or give gifts. Souvenirs should be valuable, Tangible.”
  Arellona further said that souvenirs are a way for party hosts to show off their wealth. She added: “It’s something that serves a purpose. Of course, it doesn’t make sense to hand out petrol and all that weird stuff. Personally, I think it’s just for show.”

In March, Chitinma Ogbrough was sentenced to two years in prison for distributing petrol memorabilia at a party.

  In response to the petrol souvenir incident, Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer Adekunlai Aguisebtu said that despite a series of warnings and education efforts by the police and other relevant government agencies, some people still ignore life and property Safely, distribute this flammable material in public places.
  Aji Sebutu said: “For security reasons and the protection of citizens’ lives and property, the Lagos State Police Headquarters once again appeals to citizens to put an end to this seemingly generous but illegal act. The party venue where souvenirs were distributed has been located and seized . Police Commissioner Abi Oden Alabi has ordered the arrest of all involved. The conduct of these individuals is regrettable and should be punished.”
  Lagos State Information and Strategy Commissioner Benga Omotoso Point out that distributing fuel as souvenirs is dangerous and can lead to loss of life and property. “This act is a blatant violation of all safety regulations. The Lagos State Government is investigating the matter through the Safety Committee and ensuring that all relevant parties involved in this violation are held accountable,” Omotoso said
  . In October, the Lagos State Special Offences Court in Oshodi sentenced Ogbrough to two years in prison for distributing petrol souvenirs at a party. Chief Justice Kehinde Ogundel convicted and sentenced the socialite after Ogbrough himself pleaded guilty and the prosecution gave evidence.

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