NASA to launch pictures of human bodies into space

  NASA plans to send coded images of nude men and women into space as part of the Galactic Lighthouse project, according to reports. According to the report, in order not to “scare” the aliens, the humans in the picture will wave affectionately. The main goal of the project is to send information to possible alien civilizations in outer space.
  Pictures of naked men and women could help humans “build a connection with aliens”, scientists say. The pictures would be converted into a binary code and then sent into space via radio waves. Experts believe that aliens are likely to crack such codes.
  For many years, human beings have never given up contacting aliens. As early as 1972, when NASA was preparing to launch the Pioneer 10 spacecraft to perform a mission to Jupiter, people believed that the spacecraft should carry human information.
  This idea was first suggested by Eric Burgess when he visited the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, during the Mariner 9 mission.

Screenshot of Russian Satellite News Agency report

  At that time, Burgess found the famous astronomer Carl Sagan, whose main contribution was the study of extraterrestrial life. He is known for presenting the accepted hypothesis that the high temperature on the surface of Venus could be attributed to the greenhouse effect, and for making calculations using the greenhouse effect.
  Sagan was very interested in Burgess’ request, and NASA at the time agreed to the plan and gave them three weeks to prepare.
  In the end, Sagan and another scientist co-designed a plaque with a human body, which was then molded into artwork by Sagan’s wife.
  The plaque is called the Pioneer Gold-Plated Aluminum Plate, and there are two pieces, one launched with Pioneer 10 on March 2, 1972, and the second plaque launched with Pioneer 11 on April 5, 1973.
  Its design idea is very ingenious. The two circles at the upper left represent the two lowest states of the hydrogen atom, and the dotted vertical lines represent the spins of the protons and electrons. The tiny vertical line in the middle represents a binary digit. In addition to indicating the transition period of atoms from one state to another, binary units were used as the basic length and time reference for drawing plaques.
  According to reports, not only coded signals will be sent into space this time, but also basic mathematical and physical concepts, “to establish a common way of communication, and then information on the biochemical composition of life on Earth, the relationship between the solar system and the Milky Way. Known locations of globular clusters, and digital descriptions of the solar system and Earth’s surface”.
  ”While aliens may not be able to recognize mathematical concepts in humans, binary is likely to be a universal concept among all intelligent species,” the study said. “Binary is the simplest form of mathematics because it involves only two opposing states: 0 or 1, yes or no, black or white, mass or space.”
  Still, the idea of ​​sending messages to alien civilizations is seen by some experts as dangerous and reckless. Anders Sandberg, a senior research fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford, believes that this act of transmitting information is “so influential that you actually need to take it quite seriously” because we don’t know yet, and maybe Whether the alien civilization that exists is friendly or hostile.