Maya and Lola’s Flowers

  Maya’s good friend Laura passed away, leaving Maya in grief.
  Maya loves art very much, especially painting flowers, flowers are like her blood. She feels that life cannot live without flowers. The various flowers painted by Maya have been appreciated and praised by many people.
  Laura also loves to draw flowers. Whenever I have time, Laura and Maya go to the countryside or mountains to paint various flowers that cannot be named.
  Laura is so lively and cheerful, and she loves all kinds of flowers very much. Laura said: “Maya, it would be great if people were transformed from flowers! Living carefree in this world, being honest with each other, everyone will love life and love this world!” Yes, Laura.” Maya said, “You are a colorful flower, wherever you go, you will be full of strong fragrance.” Laura said: “Maya, if I die in the future, I will become a A beautiful flower that blooms every day, every month, and every year, fills people’s lives with the fragrance of flowers, and there will be no more fights and injuries, how wonderful it is!” “Lola, what nonsense are you talking about!” Maya looked at the mountains and plains. The flowers said, “My dear Laura, you are so romantic and lovely! Why do you have so many thoughts? I think you are an angel sent by God to spread sunshine and flowers to the world.” No matter what you say, Luo
  La La’s face is always filled with a happy smile: “Really, Maya, if I die earlier than you in the future, you can bury me in this field of flowers; if you miss me, come here to see Let me!” “My dear flower princess, what nonsense are you talking about?” Maya paused and said, “I think you love flowers and love crazy, and you just talk crazy. You are so happy, how can you die? You Like this flower, it will never wither!”
  Laura’s words unfortunately hit the mark.
  Maya’s mind is filled with images of Laura. “Which flower is yours?” Maya walked among the flowers, stroking each flower and talking to herself. Maya picked a flower and put it on her head and said: “My dear Laura, I will take you home and be with you forever.”
  Laura’s funeral is scheduled for Sunday.
  ”How can people die? Can people really die?” Maya asked her and Laura’s philosophy teacher. The teacher said, “My dear child, do you think people are going to die?” Maya nodded, then shook her head again. The teacher said: “My dear child, if you think that a person will die, she will die; if you think that a person will not die, then she is still alive, do you understand?” Maya nodded, then shook her head again.
  At night, Maya dreamed about the scene when she was with Laura: Laura always smiled and danced among the flowers, and she asked Maya to draw her. Maya wants to give Laura a “gift”. What can she give to represent her heart? Maya was very distressed. Maya missed Laura very much, and she told her parents about her distress and unhappiness.
  Father looked at her kindly and said, “Do you think your good friend Laura is dead?” Maya nodded, then shook her head.
  The father said: “Son, some people will die, and some people will not die. If you think this person is dead, then this person is dead; if you think this person is not dead, she will not die. I Dear child, do you understand?” Maya nodded.
  The father said: “Son, it’s good if you understand. Do you know Laura?” Maya said: “Dad, Laura is my good friend, I must know her!” “Since you know Laura, you should know Laura.” What is Laura’s favorite?” The father looked at Maya with a sad face, and then said, “Go, son, do what you should do, I think Laura will like it!” Maya nodded and carried the easel out the door.
  Maya traveled all over the villages and fields where she and Laura painted flowers, and moved the beautiful flowers onto the drawing paper. When Maya returned home, she found out the flowers she had drawn when she was with Laura, and looked at them carefully one by one, and the beautiful flowers flew past her eyes like butterflies and bees. .
  ”Oh, Laura!” Maya couldn’t help sighing, “Is this you?” Maya wiped away her tears, laid out the drawing paper, and drew stroke by stroke. After drawing a picture, she felt that it was not Laura, so she started to draw again, from dark to dawn.
  When the ninety-ninth picture was drawn, the lark began to sing on the old aspen tree outside the window. Maya was shocked, and after a while, a painting that was vivid and full of life was finished. Maya seemed to see that Lola was covered with flowers, she was like a colorful butterfly, or a beautiful peacock, with colorful satin-like wings, like a green savannah fan, flapping in front of her eyes.
  Maya murmured: “Lola! My dear Laura! You are not dead, I finally see you!”