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Just the right amount of tenderness and sincerity

  Haydn is a famous composer and the founder of the Vienna Classical School. His music is bright and brisk. Because of his outstanding contributions in the field of symphonies and quartets, he is known as the “Father of Symphony”. At the same time, because of his gentle temperament, love for children, and caring for his subordinates, he won the nickname “Papa Haydn”.
  When Haydn announced that he would accept an apprentice, many people came, because everyone knew that to become Haydn’s apprentice, fame would come sooner or later. The people who came brought many gifts to Haydn in order to make their children successful. At the same time, they kept praising Haydn’s achievements. Haydn looked at everyone with a smile, neither saying yes nor no.
  He wants to observe for a few days before deciding on the candidate. Haydn likes children very much, and he will seriously give advice to all the children who come to him, which benefits them a lot. Among them was a little boy who had no money at home, but wanted to repay Haydn’s kindness. What should he do? The little boy saw that when Haydn was giving a lecture, the desk was dirty, so he arrived a few minutes early each time, wiped the desk clean, and then went back to his seat to review what he learned yesterday.
  At first, Haydn didn’t pay attention to it, but after a long time, Haydn was very curious about who cleaned the table for him, so he came one time earlier, and happened to see the busy little boy cleaning the table, so he walked over.
  When the little boy saw Haydn coming in, he was a little cautious. Haydn told him not to be nervous, and asked him why he did this? The little boy said: “You have helped me so much, I don’t know how to repay you.”
  Haydn smiled and patted the little boy’s head, telling him to continue wiping the table. Eventually, Haydn announced that he was taking the little boy as his apprentice. The parents were very surprised and asked why. Haydn said: “You gave me gifts and praised me with intentions. Although the little boy gave me nothing, he gave me a sincere heart.” The boy became the famous Beethoven in the future.
  Days and nights are days, and life is both bitter and sweet. It is never sweet words and tricks that can move people’s hearts, but just the right tenderness and sincerity.

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