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In the second half of life, please top up your immunity

  When the storm hits, you can see who is the strong one.
  Koichiro Fujita, known as “Doctor of Parasites”, said in “Immunity”: The human body’s immunity is a multi-dimensional, multi-component, three-dimensional defensive network, which is the most powerful backing for human beings to overcome various infectious diseases .
  The body’s immunity is a powerful barrier against viruses, and the immunity of life is a powerful weapon against risks. In the second half of life, immunity is the greatest competitiveness of a person.
body immunity

  ”China’s last great Confucianist” Liang Shuming lived to 95 years old. He often goes out to exercise early in the morning, jogging and boxing in Beihai Park.
  In the interval between reading and writing, I will also put down my pen to exercise my muscles and bones, and do exercises such as stretching my waist and kicking my legs meticulously.
  He is abstinent in his diet, adheres to the principle of regular small amounts and not enough to eat, and never eats and drinks too much.
  Healthy living habits allow him to give lectures with a loud voice at the age of 90.
  Life is a super marathon, the fight is not about who is faster at the beginning, but who has the longest endurance. Eat healthy and treat your body well, and diseases will be hard to attack.
  Keep exercising, every step you take is to escape from disease and aging.
  The author of “Amazing Super Jogging”, Umekata Hisinko, never liked to move since she was a child. During my studies, I always failed in sports. Later, I became a professional writer. I sat in front of the computer and wrote all day. The only exercise was to move my chopsticks when I ate and turn over when I slept.
  At the age of 30, she often felt weak in her limbs, and her weight skyrocketed, and she was out of breath after walking a few steps.
  Once, when she was taking the subway, she saw a middle-aged woman who was mistaken for a pregnant woman by others because she was too fat and gave up her seat.
  She couldn’t help thinking of herself, so she made up her mind to start running. At first, it took me 10 minutes to run one kilometer because I had not been exercising for a long time and my body was too much to bear. Later, she forced herself to go out to exercise every day, and gradually adapted to the rhythm, and finally she was able to run half marathons of 20 to 30 kilometers in one breath. She became more energetic and her various physical ailments disappeared without a trace.
  The days are in turmoil, and only with a good physique can we withstand the beatings of life and calmly deal with the difficulties of the world.
risk immunity

  Taleb, who put forward the “Black Swan Theory”, once concluded that the only constant in this world is change. Every thing and every industry will usher in that black swan sooner or later.

  Accidents in life are like a sudden torrential rain. Those who plan ahead have umbrellas in their hands, and those who dig wells when they are thirsty can only get wet.
  Kurihara-san graduated from a prestigious university and entered one of Japan’s leading electric appliance manufacturers, thinking that he would be able to eat delicious food and drink hot food for the rest of his life. As a result, the bubble economy burst, he was diverted to a subsidiary by the company, and soon the subsidiary closed down again. As he is too old, he can’t find a job with a high salary, and he doesn’t like a job with a low threshold. In the end, unemployment insurance became his biggest source of income.
  What’s even more frightening is that he owed a huge amount of debt due to excessive consumption. In desperation, he had no choice but to sell the house to pay off the debt, and borrowed to live with his sister. Finally, one day, after he said “I’ll go out for a while”, he never came back. He became a homeless man in Tokyo’s Meiji Park area, sleeping on the streets, earning a living by picking up old magazines and periodicals, and never contacted his family again.
  No one is happy forever, and if money is not planned well, after the storm, life will only be a mess.
emotional immunity

  Yu Qiuyu was once invited to be the guest host of a documentary, but was criticized by many people for “fishing for fame” and “not being popular”.
  Facing the maliciousness everywhere, Yu Qiuyu just said lightly, “A horse travels thousands of miles without washing the mud and sand”.
  The horse’s hooves travel thousands of miles, so why care about the sand on the body?
  Sometimes, it is not how big the matter is or how difficult the hurdle is, but the emotion is at work.
  The breeze blows the hills, and I stand still. Only when a person is not restrained by emotions can he be angry without anger, worry without fear, and manage his life in an orderly manner.
  Iacocca is a superstar in the American auto industry. He once created tens of billions of dollars in revenue for Ford.
  On July 13, 1978, Iacocca was fired by his jealous boss without any preparation.
  The boss drove him to a small room in a warehouse, which he dubbed “Iacocca’s office before he found a new job.” In the face of such a situation, Iacocca was not depressed, nor did he complain. He actively sought a new way out, and finally served as the president of the dying Chrysler Motor Company. Under such heavy pressure, with his outstanding management skills, Chrysler was reborn. In 1984 alone, the company earned a profit of 2.4 billion US dollars, which was more than the sum of the profits of the company in the previous 60 years.
  Professor Zeng Shiqiang said that many people feel that their emotions cannot be changed, and they think that they are such a person. In fact, controlling your emotions is the most autonomous thing, because it is completely up to you.
  Smart people think about happy things with joy, and everything they see is satisfactory; stupid people keep staring at the scars, and the more they think about it, the more distressed they become.
  Everything in the world is in one’s own mind.
  I have heard such a passage: in the same car, some people are infected, others are safe, this is the body’s immunity; the same is isolated, some people have no worries about food and clothing for a year, and some people have enough money for a week, this is financial immunity; in the face of disaster , Some people are sunny and positive, and some people complain about others. This is psychological immunity.
  When the storm of fate hits, you can see who is the strongest in the world.
  The world is unpredictable, and only by strengthening one’s immunity can one live and work better in uncertain times.

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