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Nanodiamond, as a new type of nanocarbon material, has the dual characteristics of superhard material and nanomaterial. Such as high hardness, high corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity, good biocompatibility, surface effect, quantum size effect, etc., these unique properties make it useful in precision polishing, composite materials, thermal conductive materials, biomedicine and other fields. Wide range of applications.

Fig.1 SEM image of nanodiamond

Precision polishing field: Nano-diamond polishing liquid is used in semiconductor silicon wafers, precision ceramics, optics and other industries to perform precision polishing on the surface of materials to achieve a mirror effect. Composite material field: Nanodiamond can be used to enhance the thermal conductivity, strength and wear resistance of rubber and resin materials, as well as strengthen metal materials. Biomedical field: Nanodiamond has the advantages of chemical inertness, fluorescence, non-toxicity and good biocompatibility, which can be used for cell labeling, bioimaging and drug carrier.

Figure 2 Nanodiamond ICP detection results

At present, the company produces nano-diamonds in batches through the crushing method and efficient surface purification process, which have the characteristics of concentrated particle size distribution, ultra-pure and good dispersibility (as shown in Figure 1 , Figure 2 , Figure 3 ), in polishing, fluid heat conduction , ink, and medical fields have achieved good application results, further promoting the development and application of high-end micropowder.

Fig. 3 Dispersion of nanodiamonds in water
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