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Huifeng Diamond’s high-grade new products stand out

For many years, Huifeng Diamond has been a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development, production and sales of high-grade diamond powder. After a long period of in-depth research and production conversion by technical staff, the company has made great progress in the research and development of new products, and successfully developed and mass-produced diamond micropowder three types and four types. It includes three-type and four-type micropowder materials for diamond composite sheets, and three-type and four-type micropowder materials for diamond wire. It fills the blank of domestic high-end diamond powder.

HFD-3DW diamond wire three-type micropowder (grain size: 6-12)
HFD-4DW diamond wire four-type micropowder (grain size: 8-12)
HFD-3PCD diamond compact type 3 micro powder (grain size: 8-16)
HFD-4PCD diamond compact type 4 micropowder (grain size: 22-36)

The above are only the electron microscope pictures of different processes in related fields. Due to the high strength of the raw materials of the third-type material and the fourth-type material, the difficulty of crushing is increased, and the crystal form and the second-type material are slightly different. And it has been applied stably in batches in other cutting and grinding fields.

At present, under the unremitting efforts of the technical staff of the company’s R&D department, the production process of new products is controllable, the quality is stable, and the performance is excellent. The development and industrialization of new products will greatly improve the market competitiveness of diamond micropowder, broaden the application field and application level of diamond micropowder. Accelerating the international competitiveness of domestic super-finishing technology and realizing the localization of high-end products provides a strong guarantee. At the same time, it will effectively drive the transformation and development of the domestic super-hard material industry, and promote China’s super-hard material technology to be closer to the international leading level.

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