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Henan Huifeng Diamond Co., Ltd. and Harbin Institute of Technology Zhengzhou Research Institute established a strategic partnership

On August 15, 2022, “Henan Huifeng Diamond Co., Ltd.”, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhecheng Huifeng Diamond Technology Co., Ltd., signed a “Strategic Cooperation Agreement” with the Zhengzhou Research Institute of Harbin Institute of Technology, formally establishing a strategic partnership. The official signing of the strategic cooperation agreement further integrates the advantageous resources of both parties and promotes the win-win development of both parties in the fields of technological innovation and innovative talent training.

Diamond material can be used for high-voltage and high-efficiency power electronics, high-frequency and high-power electronics due to its large band gap, extremely high hardness and thermal conductivity, high electron saturation drift speed, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and radiation resistance. Microelectronics, deep ultraviolet optoelectronics and other fields. In addition to applications in the fields of cultivated diamonds and jewelry industry consumption , it can also be used in electronic photovoltaics, semiconductor devices, precision tools, integrated circuit heat dissipation, sensors and lasers and other high-precision materials applications ; aerospace, automobile, military, machine tool, stone , building materials, oil and natural gas drilling, geological exploration, coal and mineral mining and other fields of national economy and people’s livelihood, along with the transformation of manufacturing to high-end, the rapid development of clean energy fields , the progress of biomedical technology, the market demand for The volume is increasing, and the high-end market demand is increasing.

Huifeng Diamond always adheres to science and technology as the guide, and constantly optimizes and integrates scientific and technological resources to carry out innovation . Focus on the development of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and focus on the research and development of key technologies that are required by the market .

The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between our company and the Zhengzhou Research Institute of Harbin Institute of Technology has quickly established a strategic cooperation relationship between production, education and research ; accelerated the research and development of our company in the field of superhard materials and products ; built a platform for joint declaration of scientific and technological innovation above the provincial and ministerial level; comprehensive Improve core competitiveness and brand influence ; continuously enrich product structure and increase market share ; accelerate the company ‘s industrial chain layout in the field of CVD – grown diamonds and diamond semiconductor applications ; have a certain positive impact on the company’s future operating performance.

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