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Haircut story

  That year, Yaodi Afan was only three years old, an age that had just learned to speak but was “unreasonable”.
  One day, when his mother was bathing and washing his hair, he cried for no reason. His mother thought she accidentally got soap suds into his eyes, so she hurriedly flushed and dried him, and he stopped crying.
  The next day, when his mother saw that his hair was not short, and the weather was hot, she said to him, “Baby, go and put on your shoes, and I will take you to cut your hair.” Unexpectedly, when my brother heard “cut your hair” “These three words immediately burst into tears. Mother didn’t know why, but patiently coaxed, persuaded, lured, and deceived, but nothing worked. Mother felt that he was making trouble for no reason, and when his patience was worn out, she swung the cane. She originally wanted to scare him, but when he saw the cane, he reflexively got under the table and lay there dead. This really angered his mother, who couldn’t help but dragged him out and whipped him several times on his calf. The raised welts are like winding snakes. Then, the mother forcibly pulled him to the barber shop.
  The barber’s haircutting plane, like a shovel, shoveled a plain on his head. When the shovel reached the part not far behind the ears, Yaodi, who was crying sobbingly, suddenly let out a wolf howl A shrill cry. The barber hurriedly stopped to check, only then did he see that there was an abscess on Yaodi’s scalp, and now, a small wound has been shoveled open, dripping with blood. The mother standing aside suddenly understood why this well-behaved child kept crying while washing his hair, and why he insisted on refusing to get a haircut.
  Now, Yaodi has become a specialist doctor. He has a wonderful memory, and he still remembers this incident clearly. Every time he mentions it, he jokingly “teases” his shy mother: “What an unjust case!
  ” , please be more cautious.

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