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Don’t limit your vision to immediate interests

  It is so easy to become so engrossed in our own pursuits, so absorbed in our own careers, that we forget that what we do is but a drop in the ocean of all human activity. Therefore, no matter how busy you are, no matter how much happiness you can get in your own small circle, you should maintain a heart of pursuing “leisure and leisure”, and let yourself jump out from time to time to reflect on this wider world.
  Life is short, and a person needs to maintain a basic curiosity about this strange planet and its place in the universe, and know everything he should know. Only by connecting the things in his hands with a broad world picture can he obtain down-to-earth happiness. The real world is full of tragedies and comedies, heroes emerge in endlessly, and strange things emerge one after another, which is amazing. Those who have no interest in the spectacle that the world has to offer are like going to the theater and not listening to the play, no doubt giving up the privileges and privileges that life bestows.
  Leisurely leisure allows us to step out from time to time to see what irrelevant people are doing and see another world that you have never noticed. In addition to being a break (we often feel fatigued in the pursuit of pleasure, leisurely time allows us to change our minds, or even not use them) it can also give us peace.
  For example, even in the luckiest of lives, things sometimes go wrong. There are few men, except bachelors, who have not quarreled with their wives; few parents, who have not worried about their children’s illness; few businessmen, who have not faced financial difficulties; and few professionals, who have not faced fail. At this time, it is an excellent quality to be able to turn your interest to something other than worrying. At such times, when there is nothing to do but worry, some people play chess, some read detective novels, some are fascinated by general astronomy, and still others read about the excavations in Babylon. All four of these people behave wisely. On the other hand, the man who does not distract his mind with amusement, but allows anxiety to take hold of him, is acting unwisely, so that when the time for action comes, he is no longer able to meet it.
  The proper thing to do is to introduce it into a new channel, or at least a channel away from present misfortune, but it is very difficult for a man who has been indulging in only one area of ​​his life to now be filled with sorrow to find this few areas full of sorrow. Difficult to transfer their thoughts. Nothing is wiser than to cultivate a wide range of interests in happy times, so that the mind can find a quiet place where it can call up other associations and thoughts than those that make it difficult for it to do now. Painful associations and thoughts endured.
  Because of the little corner of the world we live in, we are all prone to becoming overly excited, overly stressed, and overvalued. This over-excitement and over-estimation of our own importance does no good. Then people forget all the rest in favor of one or two important things, and think that in pursuing those two great things, the collateral damage to other things is insignificant. There is no better defense against such fanaticism than a little knowledge of human life and its place in the universe.
  Why do people have such a “big” structure, and even have to expand the small circle to the human universe?
  For example, a perfectionist in a civilized society often imagines what he is doing as a portrait, and the owner will be annoyed when something tries to desecrate the painting. The best remedy for this irritation is: don’t imagine a picture, but expand your idea into a gallery, picking out the picture that comes your way.
  In addition, the destruction of “character sense” is also the reason why many people are angry. Of course, if you can completely forget yourself and not play any role, it is really enviable. However, if role-playing has become second nature, avoid worrying about blowing up the show by thinking you’re doing the whole show, not just one.
  The doctrine of efficiency first often makes us overestimate the importance of individual goals, while ignoring the fundamental purpose of expanding human thinking and spiritual space. If the vision in your mind is only limited to the current interests, you are likely to adopt some “immoral” means, relying on these means, you may achieve the planned victory at present, but the future outcome is likely to be a crushing defeat.
  If, on the other hand, your mind is filled with the past of man, the slow and partial evolution of man from barbarism to civilization, and his brief existence in comparison with astronomical ages—if, I think, these thoughts have become your habitual feeling, then you will realize that the momentary struggle in which you are engaged is by no means of such importance as to warrant such a great risk that it is possible to fall back on to what we have fought so far. To go in the dark where I can slowly stick my head out.
  A person with a heart will not see the world too narrowly, and will not have a world view that makes people doomed, and will be knocked down by one or several failures. You can still bear the current failure because you know that the failure is only temporary, so you don’t want to use those dastardly weapons. Above your present activities, you will see some distant, but gradually clear goals, in which you are not a lone individual, but an army leading mankind to a civilized life. one of the. If you have this view, a certain great happiness will always be with you, regardless of your personal fate.

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