Diamond micron powder manufacturing expert. Stock code:839725

1992 Huifeng was established.

1999 First time moving plant because of the expansion of production scale.

2007 Our quality control system was approved by ISO9001:2008.

2009 Huifeng became the Executive Member of Superhad Material Sub-Association of CMBTA (China machine Tool&Tool Builder’s Association).

2009 We found Head Office in Zhengzhou.

2012 We moved to a Modernized plant with total area more than 5.3 hectares.

2012 Our Company was approved to found Henan Provincial Engineering LAB for diamond powders in micron & nano meter size.

2012 We signed an Agreement with Henan University of Technology for Strategy cooperation in terms of production-study-research.

2012 Our Company was approved to found Henan Provincial Powdery Engineering Technology Center for sub-micron superabrasives.

2013 Our Company was identified as National High-Tech Enterprise.

2013 The post doctoral research and development base was established.

2013 Our Company worked with Jilin University National Key Laboratory of superhard materials and professor Zou Guangtian, the only academician of China’s superhard materials, established an academician workstation.

2014 Our company participated in the formulation of International Standard for Diamond Micron Powder, is one of the drafting units of this standard committee.

2015 Our new Zhengzhou technology center started construction.

2015 Our Company achieved 8 utility model patents.

2015 Our company realized the transformation and upgrading of the product positioning to middle-high end.

2016 The name of Huifeng company was formally changed from Zhecheng Huifeng Diamond Technology Co., Ltd. to Zhecheng Huifeng Diamond Technology Share Co., Ltd.

2016 Our company successfully listed in New Third Board. The securities were referred to as: Huifeng diamond, securities code: 839725.

2016 Our company was awarded Henan provincial science and technology small giant cultivating enterprise.

2017 Branch Company: Henan carat diamond Co., Ltd. was established.

2017 Our company was selected as one of the top 30 most investmentable enterprise in the new third board of Henan province.

2017 The Zhengzhou technology center completed construction, which covering an area of 18 thousand square meters.

Our future vision:

● The largest in the world for MB diamond micron powder and to achieve 30% of the world market share

● Every employee’s value can be well realized

● Our partners can fully share the benefits resulting from our company’s progress and development

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