Why Are Men Over 40 Still Single? Uncovering the Main Reasons Behind China’s “Leftover Men” Phenomenon

With the sustained and rapid development of social economy, people’s lifestyles have also undergone tremendous changes. Relevant data in recent years show that the number of leftover men has been on an upward trend, especially the group of leftover men over 40 years old.
The reasons why these men remain unmarried even after reaching marriageable age are thought-provoking. In order to explore the reasons behind this phenomenon, we conducted in-depth research on 100 men over 40 who were still unmarried and found that they all have one thing in common.
We conducted a market questionnaire survey and conducted in-depth interviews with 100 leftover men over 40 years old. During the interviews, we learned about their life background, education level, career experience, marriage concepts and other information.

In addition, we distributed questionnaires to them and collected data related to their marital status.
By analyzing the interview and questionnaire data of 100 leftover men, we found that they all have one thing in common, that is, they generally have a negative attitude when facing marital problems. This attitude is mainly manifested in the following aspects:
1. Expectations are too high: high expectations but low expectations. This is the case for people at this stage, whether it is looking for a job or a partner.
Some leftover men hold themselves to the standard of finding a perfect partner. However, in real life this is often unsatisfactory and it is difficult to find someone who is compatible with them. For this reason, they often leave themselves alone and become leftover men.

2. Lack of self-confidence: Because some leftover men have been rejected by the opposite sex in the past, they will become more and more lack of self-confidence when facing the opposite sex. They are afraid of being rejected again because of certain aspects of themselves, so they start a defensive mode, so they become He is timid and does not dare to take the initiative to pursue the woman he likes, causing himself to be left alone again.
3. Escape from marriage : Although leftover men are already in their 30s, due to the difference between actual age and psychological age, men in their 30s are often not mature yet (except for a few).
For this reason, they cannot bear the burden that marriage brings to them, so they can only choose to escape from marriage. They believe that as long as they remain single, they are free from these pressures and responsibilities.
According to our research results, the main reason why leftover men over 40 are unmarried is because of their negative attitude when facing marriage problems. This attitude makes them hesitate to move forward when facing marriage and miss many possible opportunities. .

Case 1, 33-year-old Li Jie is an engineer in a new energy company, with an annual salary of 200,000 yuan, and a good salary package. However, he has been single and unmarried for a long time. His parents must worry about this and made introductions to him one by one.
At first, Li Jie would agree to meet with the woman and have a good talk if conditions allowed.
Li Xia, who had the same surname as him when they went on a blind date for the first time, was an accountant in a machinery factory with an annual salary of 150,000. She had a stable job and good salary. However, after a brief half-hour communication between the two of them, Li Jie was The woman refused.
The reason is lack of responsibility and love of fun. This time, it was a big blow to Li Jie, mainly because he liked the woman’s appearance and work at first sight.
Later, there were frequent blind dates. Although one or two of them rarely talked to him for a while, they ended up breaking up.

From now on, he will no longer have certain expectations. He will go see someone if he can, and forget about it if he doesn’t. He becomes very indifferent, and thus becomes a 40-year-old leftover man. Parents are also helpless about this.
Case 2, Zhang Min, 35 years old, is very honest and loyal, but lacks self-confidence. She is an assistant in a human resources company with an annual salary of 80,000, which is average in terms of salary. She pursues stability and lacks ambition. This is what many women say about her.
In addition, he is a bit too self-centered, self-righteous, and has too high expectations. He wants to find a teacher or nurse with a stable job as a partner, but it is conceivable that there are teachers and nurses.
Few people think highly of him. After all, he is not outstanding, and since their profession is so good, they can still be chosen carefully.

There was a relatively ordinary office clerk who fell in love with Zhang Min. At first, they had a simple exchange. However, due to work reasons, Zhang Min was quite persistent, so the two lost contact later. For this reason, Zhang Min was still in his 40s. Being left behind is a special case of high-mindedness and low-handedness.
In response to this phenomenon, we suggest that the government, social organizations and individuals work together to help the leftover men change their concepts and establish a correct view of marriage.
At the same time, we should also pay attention to their mental health and provide necessary psychological support and counseling to help them overcome their fear and anxiety when facing marriage.

Only when the whole society works together can we provide a more friendly and inclusive marriage environment for the leftover men, thus promoting the harmonious development of society.