Only sell white goods

  Selling only one color of home textiles and tableware may not sound like a good way to make money, but Briton Chrissy Lark has made a whimsical way, not only earning money, but also becoming one of the richest women in the UK.
  Rucker is a reporter for a British newspaper, and her boyfriend, Wheeler, rents an apartment to start a business. One day, Weller called her and asked her to bring back some high-quality, affordable white sheets, pillowcases and dishware for the new apartment. Lak went shopping in the commercial street, but couldn’t find a store that specializes in selling white products. Even if he found white products, he was not very satisfied, so he returned disappointed.
  After returning home, Lak sighed, and his future sister-in-law Suzi said: “Whoever wants to open a store that only sells products of the same color will definitely make money.” Lak said: “This is a business opportunity, why don’t we try it?” Suzi said OK. However, her boyfriend, Weller, didn’t agree. He said to Lark: “So far, there is no store that only sells white products, which shows that many businessmen feel that selling only one color product cannot be successful. Don’t you all do this?” Lak said: “There is no store that only sells products of the same color, which proves that many merchants only make subjective judgments, and you will know if you can succeed or not.” Weller couldn’t agree with Lak, so he told her Said: “Just try it.” Lak said to Willer: “I have my own way.”
  Lak did not rush to open a store, but did a detailed investigation. The survey found that most of the products that sell the most are white. For example, cars, 30% to 50% of the vehicles selected by customers are white; such as bed sheets, 30% of customers prefer white; of course, most ceramic products are white, and the most people buy them. Because many people think that white not only represents purity, simplicity and fashion, but also a versatile color. White is one of people’s favorite colors. With the detailed investigation report, Lark strengthened his mind even more. So, Lark started the company.
  Unexpectedly, the store, which only sold white home textiles and tableware, became very popular, bringing Lak an income of 6.5 million pounds in one year. Today, her company has 50 chain stores and thousands of employees. Lak has successfully created a white business myth.