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557,000 people “run” away from Japan

  Japan calls those who have given up their Japanese nationality and acquired the nationality of other countries “permanent residence” in foreign countries. The largest newspaper “Asahi Shimbun” reported in a report on March 20 that 557,000 people have gone to foreign countries for permanent residence. In recent months, more than 10,000 to 20,000 people have chosen to leave Japan every month .
  It should be said that Japan’s employment system, social insurance system, and overall wealth will not allow so many people to choose to leave Japan. However, wages have not been raised for more than 30 years, and the society lacks vitality. In the end, these people left Japan and chose to start businesses in other countries.
  For example, the basic salary of the father and the son is the same, but the father has a little more income in terms of “years of work” (the number of years he has worked in the enterprise) than the son. to any hope. Japan, which has not raised wages for employees for 30 years, now has the lowest average wage among the G7 countries, lower than the average wage of Koreans. Starting from 2023, most Japanese companies will increase their employees’ wages by 2%, but the increase in prices will be much more than 2%. It is said that the wages have been raised, and the lives of the people still have not improved.
  Originally, Japan, which has been continuously introducing new products in various fields of life and production, and has a wide range of products, has suddenly become silent in recent years. Going to Japan now, it is quite difficult to find those eye-catching products. I walked the road I was used to in the past. The appearance of the shops on the roadside has not changed at all, and even the displayed products have hardly changed. The prices have increased a lot this year, and the prices were almost unchanged before. Of course, the Japanese government has also made great efforts to maintain the current level without raising wages, but the society has suddenly become a stagnant pool with little vitality.
  If Japan stands still, those countries that are moving slowly will distance themselves from Japan.
  As a nurse, the salary of an ordinary nurse in Japan is more than 200,000 yen, which is about 10,000 yuan. This is not much in China, and if compared with European and American countries, it is quite small. It is impossible for nurses in Japan to get a one-month vacation to travel around the world, but in European and American countries, it is normal for nurses to have a one-month vacation. Many nurses and doctors have changed from Japan to other countries for “permanent residence”.
  Japan is also a country with serious introversion in education. Of course, the public primary and secondary schools here are basically free, but if you go to such a school, you basically miss out on prestigious universities. Families with a little money still hope to send their children to private schools, or to send their children to supplementary schools. Education has become a sizable part of Japanese household spending, and over the past 30 years, the cost of education has been raised again and again, increasingly straining the family economy.
  Those permanent residents who have “enriched” in European and American countries suddenly found that when they go abroad, their children’s education is quite smooth, not as introverted as in Japan, and they can also receive a good education and have the opportunity to enter prestigious schools.
  It is not that people who go abroad for permanent residence only look at external conditions such as salary and education, but in Japan, companies and groups are ranked according to their seniority. There are fewer opportunities for young people, and the society is becoming more conservative. It seems that it is not too big to keep it for 30 years because of conservatism. change, maintaining the ability to live an ordinary life. Such a conservative society makes too many Japanese breathless. They want to leave Japan. Although it is very risky to go abroad, as long as they have some skills in their hands, such as doctors, nurses, sushi craftsmen, mechanics, etc., they are enough to survive abroad, and many times they live better than in Japan. .
  557,000 people is not a small number, especially compared with the number of people who come to Japan for permanent residence, it is even more unbalanced. Too many skilled Japanese have left here, which has weakened Japan’s original aura a lot.

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