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Right age

  My mother is an Aries, she has the qualities of swiftness, bravery, and determination.
  Many years ago, after she finished her job, she wondered what she wanted to do but didn’t do. In the end, she chose to learn knitting. A friend who was at home like her said to her: “This kind of thing is done by old ladies. You are still young, so you should do something else.” After thinking about it, my mother went to sign up.
  My mother took the bus to a place quite far away to take a class once a week, and then weaved non-stop, making marks on the densely drawn patterns. Thanks to my mother’s craftsmanship, we children, including all relatives and friends, each have one or two sweaters with different colors and styles. When I was a student, I got a lot of attention and praise for wearing handmade sweaters, and I was a little vain.
  A few years ago, my mother suddenly wanted to learn painting, which surprised us. I always felt that my lack of talent for drawing was inherited from my mother, because when we were children we had to draw a picture of a cat, a dog or something, and my mother always said, “Go to your dad.” Now, in my fifties My mother said she wanted to learn Chinese painting. At this time, the enthusiastic friend gave advice to his mother: “Is it too difficult to learn Chinese painting? It is something for young people.” After thinking about it, the mother persuaded her father, who is 9 years older than her, to sign up together. up.
  Every day after dinner, the two of them carry a painting tube and go out together. Once, a student came to my house to look for me. She had never seen my parents, but she said, “I saw Mama Zhang. Is she wearing a silver-gray bun and carrying a blue painting tube?” I asked. Surprised, she asked how she knew that it was my mother. “She seemed confident, happy, and an artist,” said the student.
  From then on, I never dared to blame my mother for my lack of artistic talent. Later, whenever I heard my friends say “If I could be younger, I would definitely do something”, I couldn’t agree. Age should not be an excuse for us to avoid anything. My mother taught me that it’s never too late and you’re never too old.
  Chatting with a young girl, she said earnestly: “I used to think about how to make myself better, but now I just want to find a good man to marry and settle down.”
  In the thin twilight, I looked at the 27-year-old girl sitting across from me, thinking about how to tell her that she was still young, young enough to live a good life for herself and find a good man. Men and women of all ages deserve to live well. I clearly felt that the girl was anxious, and this anxiety came from the fiercely competitive field of her marriage. Since the institution of marriage, and since men dominated the family, women’s youth and beauty are advantages, while aging and mediocrity are disadvantages. In this fierce competition, we see the constant law of survival of the fittest. Women who cannot get rid of this mode of survival competition are very prone to phobias, fear of old age, fat, and ugliness, and generally speaking, they are afraid of being defeated.
  Recently reading “Shen Congwen’s Family Letter”, he once pursued his soul mate frantically and hard. “I have walked bridges in many places, seen clouds many times, and drank many types of wine, but I have only loved one person at his best age.” He said so. This sentence “just the best age” shook me. If he was talking about “a girl in her prime”, he would not be Shen Congwen. Shen Congwen thinks that the best age is the age of meeting, the moment of falling in love, time has nothing to do with them.
  I think the best age is now. Some people want to take years as a fence and jump over them, but I just want to ignore age and be a truly free person.

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