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Hungarian Foreign Minister: Europe and the United States suffer from “military psychosis”

  A few days ago, Hungarian Foreign Minister Sjjjardo Peter told parliament that the Euro-Atlantic community is now experiencing some kind of “military psychosis” and that the US and the EU appear to be competing with each other over who can supply Ukraine with more weapons. He is appalled by this, especially as the Russia-Ukraine conflict is going on in Europe and Europe is suffering negative repercussions.
   “There may be no winners in this war, and everyone will be losers. The longer this war lasts, the more people will die and the greater the damage will be,” said Szijaldo
   . The Ukrainian conflict requires direct talks between Russia and the United States. On March 2, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken had a brief conversation during the G20 foreign ministers meeting in India, “They only talked for a few minutes, it was difficult Discuss ways to solve (Ukraine) problems. It would be nice if they had more time to talk.”
   Previously, the Hungarian government has repeatedly stated that in order to resolve the Russia-Ukraine conflict, not only Ukraine and Russia should conduct negotiations, but Russia and the United States should also conduct negotiations, because the United States provides Ukraine with the most political and military support.
   Szijjardo also said that most countries support the establishment of peace in Ukraine as soon as possible. Peace requires peace talks, for which the channels of communication must be kept open.

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