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Read: An Invitation from the Spiritual World

  Why do we read when short videos compete for attention? What happened while reading? What kind of spiritual life will reading bring us?
  In my opinion, reading is an invitation from the spiritual world, inviting us to experience a rich and sensitive spiritual life.
  This kind of reading experience from the spiritual world has been experienced since ancient times, abstracted, poetized, and mentioned repeatedly.
  The joy of reading is a theme that is often mentioned in ancient poems. These poems show us the reading situation, not only the atmosphere of reading, but also the flow experience of immersive reading.
  ”The Joy of Reading in Four Seasons” written by Weng Sen, a poet of the Southern Song Dynasty, is a very influential poem. In winter, when the mountain winds and trees fall, the rivers dry up, the cliffs wither, and the snow falls in the middle of the night, scholars and books, lamps and shadows, and themselves sit opposite each other. The wind sings, the snow falls on the thatched roof, the wood falls on the cliff, and in the shadow of the withered lamp, I just read a book. In the cool and cold, there is the warmth of cooking tea in the stove, it seems that the fragrance of tea is permeating, and it seems that the scroll is unfolding in front of your eyes. Unfolding the scroll in the cold night, bitter cold and lonely, but the poet thinks this is the indescribable happiness and satisfaction-the joy of reading. In this kind of flow experience, only a few plum blossoms and the heart of heaven and earth remain in the external world. The “heart of heaven and earth” is the reader’s own experience. The sense of time disappears and the sense of space is blurred. It seems that only the heart hit, penetrated and immersed in the world is left in the world. This kind of flow experience is familiar to everyone who is immersed in reading. Immersing in it is like talking with the author, and it is like facing the inner self-talk. Reading makes you a part of the book and makes the book a part of the book. part of your life.
  If the heart is a kingdom, the boundaries of spiritual life also need to be expanded, and a spiritual world that exists independently of the external material world is needed. And reading is an invitation letter, providing a simple channel.
  Reading is like air flowing in a foreign land. People who love to read will breathe fresh air from unknown worlds at any time. In this spiritual world, you can get rid of all kinds of shackles in the material world, relax, imagine and create as much as you want, and become a traveler with super powers, just like swimming in the mountain vagina, with beautiful scenery and beautiful things.
  The most important value of reading to spiritual life is to learn to learn and to provide a learning and exploration mode of thinking. In reading, while absorbing nutrition freely, we also learn to study independently, study without utilitarianism, and learn for life. These will be priceless wealth in growth.
  With these, the haze of utilitarianism will not hang over readers who are enthusiastic and rich in spiritual life. Their world is full of interest and fun, and therefore full of happiness. In this sense, in the spiritual world, walking in the “mountain vagina” with great interest and enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way is the portrayal of readers who “read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles” and convey to us It exudes happiness and passion, and exudes the unique vigor, imagination and sense of fulfillment unique to readers.
  Only in a rich spiritual life can the soul gradually grow, become beautiful and good, and emit fragrance. A story, a good book, a full immersion, a wholehearted listening and thinking, the passage into the spiritual life is not hidden. This world has prepared for us winding paths, labyrinths, small corners, and beautiful scenery in the spiritual world.
  From now on, start doing something for our spiritual life. Let us discover and grow together, and experience an infinitely beautiful spiritual world outside the material world.

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