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the beauty we want

  Today is the weekend, and I accompanied my lover to the north of the city to buy vegetables.
  The radish seller was an old man, perhaps seeing our desire to buy it, so he bought it without haggling. We looked at the before and after, quickly compared, and felt that this old man’s radish was better. It should be more expensive, as long as the radish is good and the pickled radish is delicious.
  Weigh the two big bags of radishes, we will discuss with the old man, put the things with you first, and come back later to get them. This time, the old man didn’t care about it, and readily agreed.
  We walked around the vegetable market a few times and bought some meat and vegetables. Twenty minutes later, we came to the old man’s temporary stall, paid for it, and took radishes. When the old man saw us, he smiled and said, just now several people asked for these two bags of radishes, and I said you bought them. For so long, I thought you wouldn’t come. I said, how can I do it? This is not coming!
  After returning home, the lover was a little tired and leaned on the sofa to rest. I went into the kitchen and started washing and cutting radishes. Twenty catties of radishes are quite time-consuming to cut.
  According to my lover, cut the radish into small strips with uniform size. Although I am a backhanded person, I am quite handy at cutting radishes.
  After cutting the radishes, my wife began to salt and pickle them. This is technical work, usually done by her. I was not idle either, so I took out the bones I bought in the morning, picked some of the better quality and kept them for braised, and the rest to stew.
  After all this work, it is almost noon, and I wash rice and cook. I don’t want to cook any time-consuming dishes at noon, stir-fry peppers with stinky dried seeds, add some cabbage to the leftover radish and roast pork from yesterday, and just deal with it.
  In the afternoon, my lover was watching TV in the room, and I was not idle in the living room. Look at the phone for a while, and wait for my flowers and plants on the balcony for a while. My eyes are on two small jasmine trees, and I want to transplant them into a pot so that they will bloom more and be more ornamental in the coming year.
  These two little jasmine trees were cut by me last year. This year, they seem to be in a competition, and they have opened several crops in a row. My jasmine is big and fragrant.
  Before putting them into the pot, I trimmed them a little, and made cuttings from the cut branches, planted them with weathered soil, bagged them, and put them in a ventilated and cool place, waiting for germination and branching.
  My lover saw me running around outside and asked me what I was doing. I said, serve Jasmine. You know what I usually do when I rest at home, right? hehe.
  After serving Jasmine, I began to squeeze out the water from my lover’s pickled radishes, spread them out on a bamboo sieve, and took them out to dry on the balcony. These days are sunny, the most suitable for drying radishes.
  Life is like an oil painting, it will not always be gloomy, as long as you have a dream in your heart, with some hard work and dedication, what you want to present must be the beauty you want.

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