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looking for relatives

  Recently, Zhu Jun has become obsessed with Douyin, racking his brains every day to make some short videos and post them on Douyin. Because Zhu Jun’s video is novel and unique, humorous and funny, the number of fans has exceeded one million within half a year.
  On this day, Liu Lili, Zhu Jun’s fan, chatted with Zhu Jun online, saying that recently the country built a highway passing through their Xinzhai village, and the villagers happily signed a land acquisition compensation agreement, but there was a widow surnamed Luo who refused to agree to the relocation. Whoever wants her to move will fight desperately.
  After listening to Liu Lili’s words, Zhu Jun joked: “Widow Luo disagrees with the relocation, she just wants to get more compensation. If I were from your village, I would be reasonable and emotional to her, and she would definitely be happy. Relocate.”
  Zhu Jun was talking nonsense, but Liu Lili was more serious: “The village director and secretary can’t do anything about her, and you are not her seven aunts and eight aunts. If you let her move, I will treat you to a week’s dinner.” Otherwise, you can buy me a newest Huawei mobile phone.”
  Zhu Jun knew that he had slipped his mouth and regretted it too late. But with an idea, if Widow Luo, the most powerful nail household in the country, is shot and posted on Douyin as a short video, the number of fans will increase dramatically, which cannot be compared with a Huawei mobile phone.
  Acting is worse than moving. According to the address provided by Liu Lili, Zhu Jun bought bananas and apples and came to Xinzhai Village. From afar, he saw Widow Luo standing under a jujube tree in front of her house in a daze.
  Zhu Jun didn’t dare to go straight to the topic, but chatted with Widow Luo in a roundabout way.
  I really don’t know if I don’t talk about it, and I’m startled when I talk about it. It turned out that Widow Luo did not disagree with the relocation, but lost a six-year-old son more than 20 years ago. She was worried that after her house was demolished, things would change, and her son would not be able to find a home when he came back.
  After listening to Widow Luo explain the reason, Zhu Jun fell into long contemplation. He decided to change his mind, and changed the video of the most powerful nail household in the country into a family-seeking video and posted it on Douyin.
  Hearing that Zhu Jun wanted to help her find a son, Widow Luo was so happy that she couldn’t close her mouth from ear to ear. She rummaged through the closet and took out the clothes her son wore when he was a child and the only-child certificate he had obtained to Zhu Jun. She told Zhu Jun with tears how her son was lost at that time, and said that her husband was looking for his son. He died in a car accident in the provincial capital.
  With the cooperation of Widow Luo, Zhu Jun posted the carefully crafted family-hunting video on Douyin, and also accompanied it with a sad song: “My friends, don’t listen to the truth, listen to my song to find your relatives
  , every sentence is Tell the truth, my friend! I heard it in my ears and kept it in my heart. Hey, my son disappeared at the age of 6, and the whole family searched for him, leaving footprints all over the country! There are endless stories of suffering. My husband is too anxious to find his son. , Sudden car accident broke my heart, what a painful thing to add! God only leaves the hard-working people, hey…”
  Time passed day by day, Douyin’s click-through rate and comments were very high, and some fans even posted The video was forwarded, but there was no news of Widow Luo’s son.
  A week later, Zhu Jun received a call from a man, saying that he was trafficked to Fujian by human traffickers more than 20 years ago. He saw Zhu Jun’s video on Douyin a few days ago. Chengxian is here to find relatives, and I hope Zhu Jun will accompany him to Widow Luo’s house.
  Putting down the phone, Zhu Jun was very excited. He immediately added the WeChat of the caller and sent his location.
  After a while, a young man wearing glasses stopped beside Zhu Jun. Glasses said his name was Liu Dazhou, and after greeting Zhu Jun, they drove to Widow Luo’s house together.
  Hearing that Liu Dazhou might be her lost child for more than 20 years, Widow Luo was as happy as a child. She held Liu Dazhou’s head and looked at it carefully.
  Zhu Jun is impatient, and he immediately wants to take Liu Dazhou and Luo Widow to the County Public Security Bureau to collect blood for a paternity test. Liu Dazhou hesitated for a moment, and said: “Don’t waste national resources. I will drive to the provincial capital with Aunt Luo to do a paternity test. This will not only deepen understanding and contact, but also get the test results earlier.” Widow Luo thought about
  it After a while, she nodded, but asked Zhu Jun to go with her.
  Seeing that Widow Luo trusted her so much, Zhu Jun agreed without hesitation.
  Along the way, Liu Dazhou greeted Widow Luo with care and thoughtfulness. After the paternity test is done. He drove Widow Luo and Zhu Jun back by car. When leaving, Liu Dazhou told Widow Luo that I would stay in the provincial capital for a few days and come over as soon as I got the paternity test report.
  After getting off the car, Widow Luo called Zhu Jun aside and whispered in his ear. After Zhu Jun heard this, his face suddenly became serious.
  A few days later, Zhu Jun received a call from Liu Dazhou, saying that he was driving to Widow Luo’s house.
  Putting down the phone, Zhu Jun rode on the electric car and rushed to Widow Luo’s house.
  More than an hour later, Liu Dazhou drove to Widow Luo’s house. After getting off the car, Liu Dazhou excitedly showed the paternity test report to Zhu Jun. It turned out that Liu Dazhou was the son of Widow Luo who had been lost for more than 20 years. Widow Luo was still in a daze, Liu Dazhou knelt on the ground with a bang, and said tearfully, “Mom, I had a hard time looking for you!” Seeing
  Widow Luo immersed in the joy of being reunited with her son, Zhu Jun said: “You Let’s chat and chat, I’ll go to the market to buy some food and celebrate at noon.” After speaking, Zhu Jun turned and left.
  Half an hour later, Zhu Jun came back, empty-handed, followed by three policemen. Zhu Jun’s purchase of vegetables was false, but the police was true. Before Liu Dazhou knew what was going on, he was handcuffed by the police.
  A fat man standing at the door watching the excitement was about to run away, but Liu Dazhou pointed at him and said, “He ordered me to do this.” Undoubtedly, the fat man was also arrested by the police.
The dance of long knives in the cold weapon period

  It turns out that the fat man’s name is Zhong Yonghua, and he is the distant cousin of Widow Luo’s husband. Back then, Zhong Yonghua went to Widow Luo’s house to borrow money, but Widow Luo’s husband was not at home to borrow money. Widow Luo’s son disappeared in the afternoon. Although Widow Luo suspected Zhong Yonghua and later reported the case, but because there was no evidence at the time, Zhong Yonghua refused to admit it, so the matter was left alone.
  Recently, Zhong Yonghua used TikTok and saw Zhu Jun’s family-hunting video. He had an idea, isn’t this a chance to make a fortune right at your door? As long as I do it flawlessly, Widow Luo’s demolition funds and compensation for land acquisition will become my pocket. So he found Liu Dazhou, who was about the same age as Widow Luo’s son, and told him about the situation of Widow Luo’s family, and promised to share the defrauded money 50-50.
  Besides, Zhu Jun brought Liu Dazhou to Widow Luo’s house that day. Widow Luo saw Liu Dazhou pass by the hall several times without even looking at the portrait of her husband hanging on the wall. Widow Luo was heartbroken. This is not like a son looking for his parents. people. Besides, when her son was picking dates in front of the house when he was a child, he fell from the tree and hurt his hand. There was an obvious scar on his right hand, but when Liu Dazhou was collecting blood in the provincial capital, she paid special attention to it. After returning, Widow Luo told Zhu Jun about her doubts. Zhu Jun also felt that something was wrong. Liu Dazhou was restless, especially afraid of going to the police station for blood collection, and secretly making phone calls from time to time. After thinking about it again and again, Zhu Jun asked Widow Luo to keep quiet. If Liu Dazhou comes back with a forged paternity test report, it means that he has other plans. So the two pretended to push the boat along the way, making mistakes, and then one tried to stabilize Liu Dazhou, and the other went to call the police. It’s really a carpenter making a shackle, doing it for himself, Zhong Yonghua did not change his bad habits, coveted money, and finally sent himself to the classroom.
  According to Zhong Yonghua’s confession, the police followed the clues and followed the clues, and finally found Xiaopang, the son of Widow Luo who had been separated for more than 20 years in Tianjin. When the police appeared in front of Xiaopang, Xiaopang was still dazed, because although Xiaopang knew that he was not born to his parents, but because his adoptive parents said he was abandoned by his parents, Xiaopang has always had a grudge against his biological parents. There is no idea of ​​finding your biological parents at all.
  Zhu Jun succeeded in finding relatives and caught the traffickers. Widow Luo also happily signed the land acquisition compensation agreement. It was in full swing that he launched a love offensive to Zhu Jun.

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