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Paste powder: lingering on the tip

  ”Guangxi Rice Noodles: Lingering on the Tip of the Tongue” is one of the intangible cultural heritage Guangxi series. Intangible cultural heritage is an important part of China’s excellent traditional culture, a vivid witness of the continuous inheritance of Chinese civilization, and an important basis for linking national emotions and maintaining national unity. Protecting, inheriting and making good use of intangible cultural heritage is of great significance for continuing the historical context, strengthening cultural self-confidence, promoting exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations, and building a socialist cultural power. The publication of this book is conducive to further publicizing Guangxi’s characteristic rice noodle culture, and helping to increase the attention and participation of the whole society in the protection of Guangxi’s intangible cultural heritage.
  Food is the footnote of history and culture. The author introduces in detail 15 kinds of representative rice noodles in Guangxi that have been selected into the list of representative items of intangible cultural heritage, and excavates the essence of Guangxi rice farming civilization and rice food culture behind rice noodles, which is both popular science and humanistic sex. Through the evolution of various rice noodles, readers can further understand the historical development process of Guangxi culture.
  One side is water and soil, the other side is food. Opening this book is like going on a food exploration journey, savoring the cultural connotation and heavy feeling of Guangxi rice noodles in sour, spicy, fresh and fragrant, and looking for the hometown flavor deep in memory. (edit/small text)

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