Typing cured me of rheumatoid

   It has been a few years since I retired. Although I pay attention to my body, I don’t pay much attention to health care like some old people. Until last year, I found that my fingers became less and less flexible. At first, I thought it was like a machine that was used too much. It is a trivial matter and a normal thing to slowly fail and have inflexible fingers. Until one day when I wanted to drink water, my son took a glass of water and handed it to me. I was holding the glass with my hand, but I couldn’t hold it firmly. I heard a very sharp sound, the glass shattered, and the tea splashed all over me. At that moment, I suddenly felt that I was really old and useless.
   Seeing my mood plummet, my son hurriedly took me to see a doctor. The doctor said it was rheumatoid, which was difficult to treat, and prescribed a bunch of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. Before leaving, the doctor told his son again and again that the elderly should exercise more, especially to move their fingers more, so my son bought me a game console to play whack-a-mole. Within two days, I got bored. Obviously a child’s toy. My wife suggested to my son, “Why don’t you let your dad learn to type? Look at me, I just learned to type, my fingers are stiff, I don’t know which key to put, and now my fingers want to go where. Typing is a kind of movement of all fingers. It can also exercise your brain power.”
   I refused at first, thinking that I would not be able to play such an advanced game. My son persuaded me: “If you learn to type, you can not only browse online forums, but also write about your educational experience online.” I was tempted. Later, I found that for me who teaches Chinese, learning pinyin to type is a piece of cake. Within two days, I learned to type all spelling, intelligent ABC input method, I said to my son: “It’s so simple, why didn’t you teach me?” Since I learned to type, I often read news online
   , check recipes, He listened to the weather forecast and applied for QQ and E-mail by himself. It didn’t take long for him to get familiar with the computer. When neighbors and old friends have any problems, I always say: “Look it up on the Internet, Baidu will find out soon.”
   One day when my son came home from work, I was concentrating on writing in front of the computer. The son quietly stood behind him and asked curiously, “Dad, what did you write?” I smiled and said, “You see, since I learned to type, my fingers have not become stiff at all, and they have completely healed. I want to share my experience. Introduce to those who suffer from the same disease as me.”