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How to build “sense of relaxation” in family relationships

  Recently, the term “relaxation” has suddenly become popular. “Relaxation” mainly refers to the calmness and peace when dealing with things. The “relaxation” in family relationships essentially refers to a positive way of thinking when encountering things, a strong ability to manage emotions, and a peaceful way of communication. Family members should respect each other, understand and care for each other, and take on and solve problems together instead of falling into mutual confrontation.
  To establish a family relationship with a “sense of relaxation”, it is very important to do the following.
   Change the way of thinking When encountering things, we can change our way of thinking: change what can be changed, accept what cannot be changed, and focus on solving the problem instead of wasting it on self-attack and blaming others. Especially when educating children, parents should not be too harsh and harsh, and give children a certain amount of time and space, which is more helpful to their growth.
   Peaceful communication When communicating with family members in normal times, we should pay attention to our tone, express positively, discuss the matter as it is, and don’t ask harsh questions, sneer, or turn over old scores. When encountering emergencies, don’t just focus on picking on the other party’s faults, but take into account the other party’s feelings, understand and tolerate each other, and stand together to face the problem together.
   Learn to manage emotions. In a family, as long as one person is emotionally unstable, irritable and irritable, the whole family atmosphere will become tense and everyone will not be able to relax. Moreover, bad emotions are often passed from adults to children. Therefore, the parents are emotionally unstable, and it is the children who are most hurt.

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