A country without sanitation workers

  When it comes to sanitation workers, many people will say that they are the beauticians of the city. Indeed, we dare not imagine what a city would look like without the hard work of sanitation workers. However, there is one country in the world that has no sanitation workers, and that country is Norway.
  Norway is the northernmost country on the earth, located in the west of the Scandinavian Peninsula, and 1/3 of its land area is within the Arctic Circle. When it comes to the North Pole, there will be scenes of alpine glaciers and snow-capped scenes in everyone’s mind, and this is indeed the case. Therefore, the winter in Norway is particularly long and cold, and many common vegetation cannot grow here. But there is one plant that is an exception, and this plant is the spruce. Spruce is an evergreen tree that is resistant to cold and drying. Its trunk is straight and tall, and its shape is like a spire. Norway’s unique climate and environment have become fertile soil for spruce growth. Therefore, spruce is planted on both sides of the streets in Norway or on fields and mountains. fir. We know that when the weather turns cooler, the leaves will fall naturally, and there will be a scene of “leaves sweeping away the autumn”, but the streets and fields in Norway are farms and spruces in addition to buildings, so there are few Fallen leaves, of course, do not need to be cleaned.
  Speaking of this, some people want to ask, if there is no naturally occurring garbage, then there must always be man-made garbage, right? After all, the garbage produced by the residents of a city every day is also amazing. In fact, this question is well explained. As we said before, Norway has a long winter, and the roads are covered with snow for most of the year, so the city is particularly fresh and clean. Some people may also say that the snow should be cleaned by someone! Of course, the snow on the road needs to be cleared, but the Norwegian way of clearing the snow is also very special. They don’t use people to clean it, but use large snowplows. If the road is icy, there will be a stone sprinkler to sprinkle small stones to prevent people from slipping and falling. When the ice and snow melt next year, the government will arrange special stone removal vehicles to clean it up. Of course, snowplows, stone scatterers, and stone removers all need people to operate in the car. If you have to say that there are sanitation workers in Norway, then those who operate tool carts are the ones. However, these sanitation workers are different from the sanitation workers in our impression who are cleaning in the scorching sun and cold with a big broom and dustpan.
  There are no fallen leaves, and there are ways to clean up the snow, so what if someone unconsciously litters? I don’t know if you have noticed, but when we are in a clean place, there will always be a kind of self-restraint behavior invisible, because no one has the heart to destroy the beautiful picture. And Norway is a place that can be kept clean all year round, so people have a sense of self-awareness, gradually forming a virtuous circle.