fourth love

   Grace is 29 years old and claims to be a single mother, widowed for a year, with a daughter named Bella.
   She is a wedding dress designer, and her face seems to have been carefully designed by God, exquisite and beautiful, and has many suitors. It’s just that there is a strange old man in a wheelchair in her family, and he will keep a close eye on every man who has thoughts about Grace. Grace introduced that his name was Cooper and he was her father. Cooper can always see through the minds of men at a glance, and said to every man who is a guest at home: “I know you like Grace. If you are together, what are your plans for the future?”
   Men are often frightened . be terribly upset. Grace has a hard requirement for the other half, and she will live with Cooper after remarrying. This requirement dissuades most of the suitors.
   Only Dylan is still steadfast in his confession to Grace, and doesn’t mind living with Grace’s father. He and Grace had a love affair and quickly developed a relationship.
   After visiting Grace’s house more often, Dylan has a strange feeling. Cooper and Grace are not like a father and daughter. Not only do the two look alike, but their interaction with each other is also polite. Although Cooper looks very vicissitudes, when you look closely, he does not seem to be old enough to be a father to Grace. Also, Grace always called him Cooper, never “Daddy.” Bella is also called Cooper by his first name, not “Grandpa”.
   Dylan didn’t dare to question Grace, so he confide in his good buddy Miller. After hearing this, Miller had a guess that Grace’s husband didn’t die in the car accident at all, he was Cooper! “You know, some lovers love too deeply, although there is no love between each other, there is still family affection. Maybe Grace just wants to find another man to take care of her husband with her.” Miller said.
   Dylan couldn’t believe it, and shook his head: “Impossible, if Cooper is really Grace’s husband, Bella should call him Dad, but Bella never calls him that.”
   Cooper likes to draw abstract paintings, Dylan can’t understand Those changing colors. He felt dizzy and always hurried out of Cooper’s room. But it reminded him of something Grace’s middle school classmate said.
   That day, when Dylan and Grace went out on a date, they met Grace’s middle school classmate. The two old classmates reunited after a long absence and talked a lot. Dylan heard the old classmate say that when Grace was in middle school, she had a crush on her art teacher. That was her first love.
   Dylan was startled when he thought of this. Could it be that Cooper is Ge’s middle school art teacher?
   He quickly told Miller about this discovery. After Miller’s analysis, he proposed a new conjecture. After Grace was widowed, she accidentally reunited with her first love, but Cooper was paralyzed, and he refused to accept Grace’s love because of his low self-esteem. Grace can only find another husband, but she can’t let go of Cooper, so she hopes that the other half will take care of Cooper with her.
   Miller’s analysis made sense, and Dylan was in a mess. He loves Grace too much to give up on her, but he can’t accept that Cooper is in it.
   He made a difficult decision.
   Dylan took a deep breath while Grace went out to buy toast, and had a showdown with Cooper. “I already know who you really are!” Dylan said as calmly as possible. “You’re Grace’s middle school art teacher and her first love. Since she’s starting a new life with me and you wish us well, then, Please withdraw from our life! I can send you to a nursing home and ask a nurse to take care of you. I just hope you don’t affect the pure relationship between me and Grace.”
   Unexpectedly, Cooper has not yet answered, and Grace, who forgot to take the car keys, turned back When he came back and heard everything, he spoke first: “My God! Dylan, what nonsense are you talking about?”
   It turned out that Cooper was indeed not Grace’s father, but her middle school art teacher. But Grace had a crush on another art teacher named Michael. Based on his sensitivity to emotion and art, Cooper was the first to discover Grace’s girlish thoughts. He thought that Grace was quite talented in art, and he didn’t want to see a hopeless teacher-student relationship affect her future, so he quietly told Michael about it, and gave him a reward, asking him to transfer to another school.
   With Michael quietly changing schools, Grace refocused on her studies. Cooper kept encouraging her, asserting that she would have some achievements in the future.
   However, the good times didn’t last long. When Grace was admitted to college, the whole family unfortunately encountered a shipwreck when they went out to sea to celebrate. Only Grace was rescued, but alone she felt abandoned by the whole world. It was Cooper who sponsored her to go to college after hearing the news and encouraged her to cheer up.
   After graduating from college, Grace became a designer, then married and had a daughter, and her life was stable. Until last year, there was a serious car accident in the city center, causing many casualties. Among them, Grace’s husband was killed in the car accident, and Cooper lost both legs in the car accident.
   The most regrettable thing is that after Cooper was paralyzed, he was abandoned by his family. At that moment, he understood the feeling of being “abandoned by the whole world”. When Grace found out, she immediately took Cooper home. In order to avoid gossip, she said that Cooper was her father.
   In fact, both she and Cooper feel that the love between the two is the fourth kind of love besides family, love and friendship, and it is a love that cherishes each other and never leaves.
   Dylan bowed his head and sincerely apologized to Grace and Cooper. He also made up his mind to join this loving family.