Let troubles settle

  The kids are out and my life has gotten hectic. To help them with their homework, to take them to interest classes, and to take care of their daily life-just eating three meals a day is enough to cause headaches. The original order of life was suddenly disrupted. I couldn’t read or write like before, and I couldn’t calm down at all. I was either thinking about what to cook for lunch, or whether it was time to pick up the children.
  This hectic pace of life made me irritable and anxious, and I lived nervously, hurriedly and without a clue for half a month. When my friend saw me, she was obviously taken aback, and she asked in surprise, “Why are you in such a bad state?” I smiled wryly, and described to her the recent mess of life.
  ”The child has indeed caused a lot of trouble.” The friend nodded in agreement, and she also has two children who are at home on vacation, “But, isn’t this the only problem?” I was a little confused, and I didn’t quite understand what the friend meant . My friend looked at me and continued, “I mean, all the troubles at the moment are really just about the baby, nothing else is wrong, right?” Which is true, but this one issue has messed up the whole thing
  . Live it! The friend smiled: “This is your own problem.” The friend faced the same problem as me, but she didn’t feel anxious at all. At the beginning of the vacation, she worked out study plans and life plans with her children. With the study plan, the child can study independently, she just needs to sit aside and do her own thing quietly while accompanying her. And there are daily recipes in the life plan, which are all discussed by them. The nutrition is reasonable and the food the child likes to eat. Now you don’t have to worry about cooking, and the child will help her with housework according to the plan. !
  ”It looks messy, but in fact there is only one problem. Then we can solve this problem, why should this one problem affect the whole life?” The friend said easily.
  My friend’s words suddenly reminded me of my childhood at my grandmother’s house. My grandmother’s family lived in a mountainous area, and there was a severe water shortage at that time. The water used for our daily life was the rainwater that flowed into the water cellar when it rained. When water is needed, grandma fetches a bucket of water from the cellar, and the water looks turbid. I couldn’t help but ask, can this water be used? Grandma answered very firmly: Of course it can be used. After finishing speaking, grandma went to do other things, and told me: “Don’t shake the bucket, we have to wait for the impurities to settle down.” When grandma finished her work, the water in the bucket had become extremely clear, and only the water at the bottom of the bucket A layer of impurities was deposited. After gently pouring out the water on the top, clean up the impurities below.
  How similar is this to our life! There will inevitably be all kinds of troubles in life. These troubles are like impurities in water. If they are not handled well, they will fill every corner and disrupt the whole life; if we learn to live quietly and let the troubles settle down, then You will find that the troubles that make you anxious actually only account for a small part, and they won’t have too much impact on your life, so you don’t need to worry too much at all. Let troubles settle down and make life clear, this is a skill, but also a kind of wisdom.